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  • Antipasti - Fresh
  • Cooked Meats (Unsliced)
  • Cooked Meats (Sliced)
  • Pates & Terrines
  • Frozen Pates & Dips
  • Buffet Foods/Pies- Chill
  • Olives Fresh Varietal
  • Olives Fresh Pitted Mix
  • Olives Fresh PittedGreen
  • OlivesFresh Pitted Black
  • Olives Fresh StoneIN Mix
  • Olives Fresh Aroma Black
  • Olives Fresh Stuffed
  • Capers & Gherkins
  • Pickled Vegetables
  • Pickles & Chutneys
  • Sandwich Fillings
  • Dips & Slaws
  • Pasta - Fresh
  • Fish, Meat - Tinned
  • Bacon
  • Meat - Uncooked
  • Oriental Foods
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    Antipasti - Ambient
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2135 Black Olive Tapenade BELAZU 1x1kg
    8767 CherryBell Peppers - pickled CHERRY BELL 1x3kg
    3151 Corned Beef 6lb Tin   1x2.7kg
    66160 Fire Roasted Red Peppers BOWES HILL 1x2.5kg
    4689 Peppers Green Chilli DELICIAS 1x1.57kg
    2249 Piquillo Wood Roast Peppers BELAZU 1x2.5kg
    2940 Roquito Hot Chilli Pepper Pearls   1x793g
    15207 Stuffed Vine Leaves   1x1.95kg
    Antipasti - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5448 Artichoke No Stalk in Oil BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    2220 Artichokes on Stalks in Oil BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    2246 Balsamic Onions BELAZU 1x2.1kg
    8728 Basil Paste PDO Genovese BELAZU 1x1kg
    5261 Beldi Preserved Lemons BELAZU 1x720g
    2247 Chargrilled Mixed Peppers BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    7236 Cherry Tomatoes SemiDried in oil BELAZU 1x1kg
    6048 Green Chilli Peppers Stuffed with Feta/Mizithra BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    9631 Grilled Aubergines BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    7782 Grilled Courgettes BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    5602 Peppas Feta Stuffed Peppadew Style Peppers BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    2248 Peppers (Red) s/w Feta & herb BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    76039 Poponcini Peppers BELAZU 1x2kg
    77704 Smokey Semi Dried Tomatoe BELAZU 1x1.15kg
    2223 Sweet Garlic with Herbs BELAZU 1x1.9kg
    9221 Tomatoes Semi Dried Oil BELAZU 1x1.15kg
    Cooked Meats (Unsliced)
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3121 Black Pudding WESSEX COUNT 1x1.36kg
    71024 Black Pudding LAVERSTOKE 1x1kg
    7069 Bresaola (whole)   av.1.00Kg
    3106 Chorizo Grilling Sausage (Rosario) CHARCUTI 1x1kg
    3105 Chorizo Sausage Stick WESSEX COUNT 1x1.6kg
    3111 Honey Roast Ham 1/2 100% WESSEX COUNT av.4.50Kg
    3113 Mortadella   1x3kg
    4800 Mortadella (whole)   1x3kg
    3118 Pancetta Tesa   av.1.50Kg
    3122 Salami Milano   av.2.00Kg
    73200 Smoked Herring Fillets   av.1.00Kg
    3109 Traditional Ham 1/2 100% WESSEX COUNT av.4.50Kg
    Cooked Meats (Sliced)
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3103 Beef Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    6326 Bresaola Sliced CHARCUTI 1x70g
    3104 Chicken Sliced 92%   1x500g
    42406 Chorizo Sliced CHARCUTI 1x500g
    8152 Classic Beef Jerky LAVERSTOKE 1x1kg
    3107 Corned Beef Sliced   1x500g
    24141 Gammon Ham Sliced 100% COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    27806 Ham Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    5753 Honey Roast Ham Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    77622 Italian Antipasti CHARCUTI 1x135g
    4943 Mortadella Sliced 500g   1x500g
    5116 Pastrami Sliced   1x500g
    2917 Prosciutto Ham Sliced CHARCUTI 1x500g
    32141 Salami Milano Sliced CHARCUTI 1x250g
    3114 Salami Napoli Sliced   1x500g
    6915 Salami Peppered Sliced   1x1kg
    5062 Serrano Ham Sliced   1x500g
    8440 Shredded Duck Meat   1x1kg
    9811 Sliced Serrano Ham   1x250g
    75005 Smoked Ham Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    7604 Smoked Sliced Pancetta   1x250g
    49425 Spanish Tapas Mix CHARCUTI 1x120g
    3125 Turkey Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    Pates & Terrines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3082 Ardenne Pate Loaf   1x2kg
    3083 Brussels Pate Loaf   1x2kg
    9944 Chicken Liver Pate Loaf   1x1kg
    3084 Duck & Orange Pate   1x2kg
    61576 Duck Liver Terrine BROCELIANDE 1x2kg
    38760 Mushroom Pate Log PATEGRANDMER 1x1kg
    9465 Pheasant Pate   1x1kg
    69736 Pork Rillette   1x1kg
    6079 Venison Pate with Armagnac   1x1kg
    6837 Wild Boar Pate   1x1kg
    Frozen Pates & Dips
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73910 Supreme Guacamole AVOGRANDE 1x500g
    Buffet Foods/Pies- Chill
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6566 Ascot Pie (pork pie log)   1x1
    31842 Boxed Steak & Ale Pies   1x6's
    36307 Broccoli & Cauli Pasty COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    3080 Cheese & Onion Pasty   1x12
    6429 Chicken Balti Pie   1x12
    70462 Chicken Satay BAKX FOODS 60x20g
    19539 Chicken Thai Selection CROWN FOODS 1x2.2kg
    8228 Chicken/Mushroom Pie   1x12
    3092 Gala Pork Pie with Egg   1x1
    3081 Large Pasty Wrapped OAKVALE 1x12
    9662 Sausage Rolls 6" King Size Indiv Wrapped   1x12x6"
    3078 Scotch Eggs OAKVALE 1x6
    8149 Scotch Eggs Individually Wrapped   1x12
    54044 Spicy Chicken Skewers CROWNFOODS 4x900g
    5893 Steak & Ale Pies OAKVALE 1x12's
    6109 Steak & Stilton Pie Individual OAKVALE 1x12's
    8761 Steak/Kidney Pie   1x12
    10154 Three Cheese & Onion Roll 6" COUNTRYRANGE 1x60
    28579 Trad Pork, Cheese & Pickle Pie   1x4lb
    41687 Traditional Pork & Apple Pie   1x4lb
    10645 Traditional Pork, Chicken & Ham Pie   1x4lb
    Olives Fresh Varietal
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5315 Cuquillo Nicoise Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    6400 Gaeta DOC Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    7309 Green Picholine du Gard Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    9667 Green Queen Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    2243 Kalamata Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    7883 Nocellara Del Belice Olive BELAZU 1x3.8kg
    Olives Fresh Pitted Mix
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2241 Harlequin Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    6874 Pitted Hot Chilli Olives BELAZU 1x2.5kg
    6351 Pitted Mixed Olives Provence BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    8262 Pitted Pistou Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    Olives Fresh PittedGreen
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2238 Green Olive Herb de Provence BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    4360 Nocellara Del Belice Pitted Olives BELAZU 1x3.8kg
    8861 Pitted Green Olives COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    26472 Pitted Smokey Salamanca Olives BELAZU 1x2.5kg
    2236 Vinci Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    OlivesFresh Pitted Black
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9161 Kalamata Olives Pitted BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    8495 Pitted Black Olives COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    Olives Fresh StoneIN Mix
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5388 Casablanca Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    2244 House Mix Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    7957 Mediterranean Olive Mix 3kg NDW BELAZU 1x5kg
    5312 Oak Smoked Mixed Olives BELAZU 1x2.1kg
    Olives Fresh Aroma Black
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2224 Black Douce Herb Olives BELAZU 1x3kg
    Olives Fresh Stuffed
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    42271 Double Stuffed Olives - Garlic & Jalapeno BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    2237 Garlic Stuffed Olives BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    2245 Mixed Stuffed Olives 3kg NDW BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    5739 Pimento Stuffed Olives COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    4953 Red & Green Chilli Stuffed Olives 3kg NDW BELAZU 1x4.5kg
    6953 Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Olives BELAZU 1x2kg
    Capers & Gherkins
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4684 Caperberries in White Wine vinegar DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    68670 Capers Fines 12mm DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    4682 Capers Non-Pareilles (baby) DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    2221 Capers in Brine COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    41637 German Pickled Gherkins HENGSTENBERG 1x2.65kg
    78629 Gherkin Pickled Dill Chips KUHNE 1x2.45kg
    4697 Gherkins Cocktail 300/400 DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    4698 Gherkins Medium 50/70 DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    42819 Lilliput Baby Capers BOWES HILL 1x1.60kg
    Pickled Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8625 Beldi Preserved Lemons Jar BELAZU 1x220g
    8194 Garlic Puree COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    66603 Onions Silverskin Pickled DELICIAS 1x4kg
    15316 Pickled Onions COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.25kg
    3218 Pickled Red Cabbage COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.25kg
    37890 Pickled Sliced Beetroot COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.25kg
    8834 Sauerkraut (Cooked)   1x3kg
    Pickles & Chutneys
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8537 Apple & Cider Brandy Chutney TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.3kg
    8452 Apricot & Ginger Chutney HARVEST 1x3kg
    77553 Beetroot & Horseradish Chutney   1x1kg
    3219 Branston Pickle BRANSTON 1x2.55kg
    9448 Branston Pickle BRANSTON 6x360g
    63259 Branston Small Chunk Pickle BRANSTON 1x2.55kg
    19032 Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.3kg
    58420 Chunky Tomato Chutney TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    24780 Fig & Balsamic Chutney   1x1kg
    16318 Fresh Chilli Jam TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.4kg
    4344 Lime Pickle TIGER TIGER 1x4.25kg
    10261 Mango Chutney COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.8kg
    63151 Old Fashioned Plum Chutney   1x2.5kg
    2292 Onion Marmalade HARVEST 1x3kg
    56302 Particularly British Piccalilli TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    30038 Piccalilli COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.4kg
    18480 Pickled Walnuts OPIES 1x390g
    2274 Real Ale Chutney HARVEST 1x3kg
    2283 Spicy Gooseberry & Coriander Chutney HARVEST 1x3kg
    5066 Spicy Red Onion Marmalade HARVEST 3kg
    4918 Spicy Tomato Onion Chutney HARVEST 1x3kg
    46071 Sweet Apple Chutney CROXTONMANOR 1x1kg
    57704 Sweet Pickle COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.4kg
    Sandwich Fillings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    40370 BBQ Pulled Pork LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    53102 BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Filling OAKVALE 1x1kg
    8901 Cheese&Spring Onion Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    6932 Chicken Tikka Marinated   1x1kg
    44277 Chicken Tikka Marinated LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    8963 Chicken Tikka Mayo Sandwich Filling OAKVALE 1x1kg
    14914 Chicken/Bacon/Sweetcorn Mayonnaise OAKVALE 1x1kg
    69656 Chilli Cheese Mexicana Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    7160 Chinese Chicken Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    35069 Christmas Mix Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    8486 Crayfish/Lemon/Dill Mayo Sandwich Filling OAKVALE 1x1kg
    8395 Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    49337 Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    53333 Hoisin Duck Marinated Sandwich Filling OAKVALE 1x1kg
    8756 Lamb & Mint Marinated   1x1kg
    6808 Lemon & Pepper Chicken Sandwich Filing   1x1kg
    46453 Marinated Cajun Chicken LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    25624 Marinated Piri Piri Chicken LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    5460 Piri Piri Chicken Mayo Sandwich Filling OAKVALE 1x1kg
    6583 Pork/Sage/Onion Mayo Sandwich Fillings OAKVALE 1x1kg
    35766 Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    21892 Supreme Chicken & Bacon LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    72440 Supreme Chicken Mayonnaise LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    62985 Supreme Chicken Tikka LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    27092 Supreme Coronation Chicken LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    35573 Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    66892 Turkey, Sage & Onion Filling LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    4181 Veg Tikka Sandwich Filling   1x1kg
    Dips & Slaws
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1928 Country Potato Salad   1x2kg
    56524 Couscous & Roast Vegetables LOVEFRESH 1x1.5kg
    50982 Houmous (chickpea & tahini dip) LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    53391 Luxury Coleslaw LOVEFRESH 1x2kg
    39139 Pasta & Ham Salad OAKVALE 1x2kg
    37797 Potato Salad LOVEFRESH 1x1kg
    1924 Premium Coleslaw   1x1kg
    3075 Taramasalata (pink codroe dip) OREXIS 1x1kg
    8739 Tzatziki (cucumber in minty yogurt) OREXIS 1x1kg
    Pasta - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6991 Lasagne Sheets Chilled   12x250g
    Fish, Meat - Tinned
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1156 Anchovy Fillets COOKS & CO 1x365g
    7177 Duck Confit (10 pieces)   1x3.6kg
    2165 Lumpfish Roe Black CASPIAN 1x100g
    3130 Pink Salmon Tinned   1x418g
    7010 Tuna Chunks in Brine COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.7kg
    7151 Tuna Chunks in Brine COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    37060 Tuna Chunks in Brine PRINCES 12x185g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3099 Cooked Crispy Bacon Gas Flushed   1x1kg
    8086 Rindless Back Bacon COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.27kg
    3100 Smoked Back Bacon   1x2.25kg
    9574 Smoked Streaky Bacon HARVEST 1x2.25kg
    6385 Streaky Bacon HARVEST 1x2.25kg
    Meat - Uncooked
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6661 Fresh Chicken Breasts COUNTRYRANGE 1x5kg
    9377 Pancetta Lardons Smoked   1x1kg
    4824 Toulouse Sausage 2kg   2kg
    Oriental Foods
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2794 Bamboo Shoots TIGER TIGER 1x560g
    2796 Bean Sprouts TIGER TIGER 1x410g
    3526 Coconut Creamed Block TIGER TIGER 1x200g
    7184 Coconut Milk COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    2799 Coconut Milk 17% Fat Content TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    7713 Coconut Oil BIONA 6x200g
    9341 Fortune Cookies TIGER TIGER 1x2kg
    2802 Ginger Pickled Sushi LEE 1x275g
    29810 Gluten Free Large Crumb   1x10kg
    2103 Japanese Breadcrumbs (Panko) COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2811 Lychees in Syrup TIGER TIGER 1x567g
    1056 Mini Mixed Pappadums 1kg KNORR 1x1kg
    23790 Poppadums COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    13151 Prawn Crackers YELLOWRIVER 1x227g
    2102 Premium Breadcrumbs (Panko)   1x10kg
    45989 Seaweed Nori TIGER TIGER 1x28g
    4652 Tamarind Paste   1x400g
    4725 Tempura Batter 1kg   1x1kg
    1626 Wasabi Paste Tube   1x43g
    2807 Water Chestnuts TIGER TIGER 1x567g
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