Black Olive and Rosemary Sourdough

1.2kg Traditional Organic White Flour
300gm Sour dough Starter (Organic Dark Rye Flour)
600gm Water
60gm Extra Virgin Olive oil
200gm Pitted Kalamata Olives
10gm Rosemary
24 gm Salt
Place the Traditonal Organic white flour the sour dough starter mix with the water into a mixing bowl and blend for 30 minutes.
Once mixed together add the salt and the chopped kalamata olives along with the rosemary
Rest for 30 minutes, stretching and folding the dough 3 times
Rest the dough for a final 1 hour
Cut and shape the dough
then prove for a further 1 -1,5hrs
Bake the dough in a hot oven at 250c for 5mins then reducing the temperture to 220c and cooking for a further 35-40 minutes.