Harvest is your leading supplier of quality ambient, fresh, frozen and chilled produce, as well as a comprehensive range of nonfood items.
We work closely with those around us to build sustainable partnerships, both with our local suppliers and clients.
Our team of experts seeks to gain a deep understanding of your business by asking searching questions to allow us to add value through our food service knowledge and expertise.
We are committed to providing solutions and deliver the high quality products that you need to ensure your business is profitable and successful. We provide you with regular insight to ensure your menu is in line with current and emerging market trends.
It is this, and much more, that makes us your key ingredient.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak we are delighted to now offer a home delivery service for people in the local area. We offer all of our great products available to foodservice and have been continuously adding in products to cater to our new customers. We offer smaller pack sizes on certain products, as well as toiletries, baby food, pet food, alcohol and mixers and even compost and flower bouquets. For more information on how to register for an account and place an order click here.