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Chef's Supplies and Cleaning Products

  • Papers Wraps & Foils
  • Tableware Supplies
  • Doyleys/Traypapers
  • Napkins White
  • Napkins Coloured
  • Skewers and Picks
  • Chemicals Soap/Detergent
  • Chemicals - Housekeeping
  • Chemicals - Washroom
  • Chemicals - Floorcare
  • Kitchen Plastics
  • Smoke Chippings & Gun
  • Gas Fuel & Tools
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Centrefeed
  • Bags and Bins
  • Mops/Brushes/Brooms
  • Gloves
  • Toilet Rolls
  • Towels - hand
  • Chef's Supplies
  • Flags & Signs
  • First Aid
  • Chef's Clothing
  • Crockery
  • Cups & Glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Chefs Knives
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Still Room Equipment
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    Papers Wraps & Foils
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50669 2" Freezable Days of the Week Labels COOLMARK 1x500
    4924 3000 Dispenser WRAPMASTER 1x1
    9965 Acetate Roll 4.5cm   1x100m
    2145 Acetate Roll 4cm   1x100m
    2144 Acetate Roll 5cm   1x100m
    74097 Acetate Roll 6cm   1x100m
    1539 Banqueting Roll - White POPPIES 1x100m
    61122 Black Compostable Chip Tray EDENWARE 1x500
    43627 Black Stretchwrap 500mmx250m   500x250m
    7258 Butcher's String Roll   1x300m
    5716 *CRG Aluminium Foil 18" COUNTRYRANGE 1x75m
    4722 *CRG Baking Parchment 18" COUNTRYRANGE 1x75m
    5349 *CRG Clingfilm 12" Cutterbox COUNTRYRANGE 1x300m
    7048 *CRG Clingfilm 18" Cutterbox COUNTRYRANGE 1x300m
    10519 Chip Crowns Newspaper Design   1x1100
    6257 Chip Paper Ream   1x15x20"
    75780 Chip Trays LINPAC 1x500
    13572 Chip Trays 7" x 5" ENVIRO 1x50
    5254 Clear Stretchwrap   400x300
    73723 Clearview Label Kit Mon-Sun x500   1x7days
    70268 Compostable Unbleached Greaseproof Paper VEGWARE 1x500
    66702 Diss'ble Day Labels Set   1x7days
    25102 Duo Dispenser 4500 WRAPMASTER 1x1
    68198 Film Fronted Baguette bags   1x1000
    64484 Foil Container No2   1x1000
    71348 Foil Lids No2   1x1000
    4721 Greaseproof Silicone Sheet WRAPFILM 45cmx75c
    65172 Hinged Container 9"x6" ENVIRO 1x50
    31395 Labels Allergen DAYMARK 1x500
    73987 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Friday DAYMARK 1x1000
    40151 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Monday DAYMARK 1x1000
    64388 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Saturday DAYMARK 1x1000
    23674 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Sunday DAYMARK 1x1000
    42491 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Thursday DAYMARK 1x1000
    17329 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Tuesday DAYMARK 1x1000
    59996 Labels Dissolvable Days of the Week - Wednesday DAYMARK 1x1000
    4794 Labels Prepared Food x 500   1x500
    27222 Labels Product Return   1x500
    7620 Medium Brown Handled Carrier Bags   1x250
    38091 No3 White Chip Tray   1x500
    1130 Paper Cases Muffin MCDOUGALLS 1x480
    73913 Parchment Foil Lined   1x30m
    23619 Pizza Box Brown 12inch PIZZA PLUS 1x100
    7930 Pizza Box Brown 9inch PIZZA PLUS 1x100
    4720 Refill Aluminium Foil for 4500 dispenser WRAPMASTER 3x90m
    18233 Refill Baking Parchment 4500 WRAPMASTER 3x50m
    4714 Refill Clingfilm 3000 WRAPMASTER 3x300m
    4717 Refill Clingfilm 4500 WRAPMASTER 3x300m
    1545 Silver Cake Boards 10"   1x200
    1546 Silver Cake Boards 12"   1x200
    68604 Silver Cake Boards 8"   1x200
    31147 Small Vest Carrier 10x15x18"   1x2000
    43257 Super Rigid Burger Boxes ENVIRO 1x50
    38226 Super Rigid Plates 9" ENVIRO 1x50
    6066 Triplicate Order Pads NCR FIESTA 1xeach
    47665 Tulip Muffin Cup Brown CHEFMASTER 6x150
    69965 Vegware Deep Fill Sandwich Wedge VEGWARE 1x500
    Tableware Supplies
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8345 1 Pint Disposable Tumbler ROBINSON 1x1000
    18821 Black Bendy Straws Cocktail   1x250
    37053 Candles Pillar Ivory   1x4
    47358 Candles Pillar Ivory   1x3
    6224 Candles Tapered Ivory   4x50
    7570 Candles Tea Lights 8hr   1x50
    26053 Foil Pudding Basin   1x920
    7552 Paper Plate 18cm (7")   1x1000
    31183 Paper Plate 23cm (9")   1x1000
    1533 Stirrers Black Disc   1x1000
    23064 Straws Black PLA (Enviro) ENVIRO 1x150
    66859 Straws Black Paper ENVIRO 1x150
    29434 Straws Red Yellow Blue Paper ENVIRO 1x100
    30963 Tapered Candles White 25cm SWANTEX 4x50
    38835 Wooden Stirrers   1x1000
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    60227 Coasters Paper   1x1000
    7599 Doyleys 4" 10cm   1x250
    4429 Doyleys 10.5" (26.7cm)   1x250
    4427 Doyleys 12"/ 30.5cm   1x250
    4426 Doyleys 5.5" (14cm)   1x250
    4428 Doyleys 6.5"/16.5cm   1x250
    4431 Doyleys 7.5" (19.1cm)   1x250
    4432 Doyleys 8.5"/21.6cm   1x250
    8390 Tray Papers Lace Size No 3 SWANTEX 1x250
    Napkins White
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4451 *CRG Napkin White 2ply 40cm COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    1530 *CRG White Cocktail Napkin 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 16x250
    4450 *CRG White Napkin 30cm 1ply COUNTRYRANGE 10x500
    6871 *CRG White Napkin 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    9855 *CRG White Napkin 40cm 3ply COUNTRYRANGE 1x100
    7975 Napkin White 8 Fold 2 Ply 40cm POPPIES 16x125
    7033 White Napkin 40cm Airlaid 8 Fold POPPIES 10x50
    Napkins Coloured
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8383 Beaujolais Napkins 40cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    4439 Black Napkin 33cm 2ply   16x125
    61424 Black Napkin 40cm 2ply POPPIES 1x2000
    6111 *CRG Blue Napkins 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    5197 *CRG Burgundy Napkins 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    4443 *CRG Champagne Napkin 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    40046 *CRG Cream Napkin 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    5798 *CRG Green Napkins 33cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    4440 *CRG Napkin Black Cocktail 2ply 24cm COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    4444 *CRG Napkin Champagne 2ply 40cm COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    7172 *CRG Napkin Holly Green 2ply 40cm COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    5201 *CRG Napkin Red 2ply 33cm COUNTRYRANGE 8x250
    5921 *CRG Red Napkins 40cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    7121 *CRG Regatta Blue Napkins 40cm 2ply COUNTRYRANGE 20x100
    29954 Dark Blue Cocktail Napkin POPPIES 1x4000
    46042 Grey Napkin 40cm Airlaid POPPIES 10x50
    9382 Napkin Devon Cream 3ply 40cm SWANTEX 1x100
    48582 Napkin Navy Blue 8 Fold 40cm POPPIES 1x500
    49528 Napkin Recycled 8 Fold 40cm POPPIES 1x2000
    77153 Regatta Blue Napkin 40cm 3ply POPPIES 10x100
    Skewers and Picks
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4733 Bamboo Buffet Forks 90mm x1000   x1000
    1548 Cocktail Sticks 80mm   1x1000
    1541 Skewers Bamboo Barbecue 177x4mm   1x1000
    10203 Skewers Barbecue 254x4mm   1x1000
    1542 Skewers Buffet   1x1000
    2834 Skewers Crystal Picks 90mm   1x1000
    2837 Skewers Musubi Looped 90mm   1x1000
    5135 Skewers Teppo Gushi 120mm   1x1000
    5134 Skewers Teppo Gushi 180mm   1x1000
    2838 Skewers Teppo Gushi 90mm   1x1000
    1557 Toothpicks Individually Wrapped   1x1000
    Chemicals Soap/Detergent
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    29640 5ltr Pump Dispenser Swan Necked CLEENOL 1xeach
    43724 Antibac Cleaner-Red (EV3) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    19980 Antibac Detergent (EV4) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    34396 Bath & Washroom Cleaner (EV6/X2) Evolution EVOLUTION 4x325ml
    77157 Bath & Washroom Cleaner EV7 Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    73564 Battery Operated Timed Dosing Unit STAPLES 1xeach
    37385 Blue Label Washaid CLEENOL 1x20lt
    4460 *CRG Beer Line Cleaner Purple COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4465 *CRG De-Scaler Catering COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4464 *CRG Degreaser Heavy Duty COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    9133 *CRG Degreaser Yellow Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x10kg
    4478 *CRG Detergent Glasswash Essential COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4467 *CRG Dishwash Auto Liquid COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    30328 *CRG Dishwash Capsules COUNTRYRANGE 1x150
    6195 *CRG Glass Renovator Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x10kg
    50980 *CRG Hard Water Machine Dishwash COUNTRYRANGE 1x5ltr
    4483 *CRG Heavy Duty Cleaner Sanitiser COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4492 *CRG Oven Cleaner COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4498 *CRG Pump Dispenser (Chemical) 2ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x1
    4500 *CRG Rinse Aid Essential COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4458 *CRG Sanitiser Kitchen Cleaner COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4504 *CRG Tannin Remover COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4512 *CRG Washing Up Liquid Bactericidal COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4515 *CRG Washing Up Liquid Concentrated COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    7481 Chisel Wash Up Liquid 30% Orange CHISEL 1x5ltr
    32347 Deepio Degreaser Spray DEEPIO 6x750ml
    65821 Deepio Grease Buster DEEPIO 1x6kg
    26305 Dishwash Salt Tablets SALT CO 1x25kg
    17201 Double Agent (1 Red 1 Blue Pouch) (EV3DA) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    30652 Double Agent Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser EVOLUTION 4x325ml
    47795 Envirological Clear Strong Detergent STAPLES 1x5lt
    36528 Evolution Bucket Fill Dispenser EVOLUTION 1xeach
    32759 Evolution Flask Dispenser EVOLUTION 1xeach
    36417 Evolution Sink Dispenser EVOLUTION 1xeach
    56300 Fairy Professional Wash Up Liquid FAIRY 1x5ltr
    57296 Flash Lemon All Purpose FLASH 2x5lt
    46155 Hand Sanitiser Gel 60%   1x3ltr
    29234 Hand Sanitiser Spray CLEENOL 3x800ml
    17751 Heavy Duty Cleaner (EV2) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    22009 Heavy Duty Cleaner EV2/X3 Evolution EVOLUTION 4x325ml
    32786 Liquid Machine Glass Renovator CLEENOL 1x5lt
    53741 Mixxit Washing Up Liquid CLEENOL 2x2ltr
    40106 Perfumed Multipurpose Cleaner (EV10) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    53733 Potwash Deteregent (EV1) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    17087 Rational 3 in 1 Care Tablets RATIONAL 1x150's
    72970 Rational Detergent Tablet Red RATIONAL 1x100's
    16251 Rational Rinse Aid Tablets RATIONAL 1x50's
    33299 Refill Flasks Empty EVF2 Evolution EVOLUTION 6x750ml
    60892 Refill Flasks Empty EVF3 Evolution EVOLUTION 6x750ml
    40810 Refill Flasks Empty EVF3DA Evolution EVOLUTION 6x750ml
    32679 Refill Flasks Empty EVF6 Evolution EVOLUTION 6x750ml
    23133 Refill Flasks Empty EVF8 Evolution EVOLUTION 6x750ml
    4499 Rinse Aid Essential STAPLES 1x20lt
    40213 Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser EV3/X3 Evolution EVOLUTION 4x325ml
    1565 Water Softener (Dishwasher) Granular Salt SALT CO 1x25kg
    12038 Window & Stainless Steel Cleaner EV8/X3 Evolution EVOLUTION 4x325ml
    59529 Window Cleaner (EV8) Evolution EVOLUTION 2x1.5ltr
    Chemicals - Housekeeping
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69672 Advanced Stain Extractor   1x10lt
    43468 Biological Laundry Detergent   1x10lt
    44684 Brasso Metal Polish BRASSO 8x175ml
    4497 *CRG Aerosol Furniture Polish COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    4453 *CRG Air & Fabric Spray Refresh COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4454 *CRG Air Freshener Cranberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    73238 *CRG Air Freshening System Digital COUNTRYRANGE 1x1
    8863 *CRG Air Freshner Lemon COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    73520 *CRG Airoma Cool Refill Air Freshener COUNTRYRANGE 12x270ml
    26555 *CRG Airoma Mystique Refill Air Freshener COUNTRYRANGE 12x270ml
    1567 *CRG Glass/Window Cleaner 5ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4477 *CRG Glass/Window Cleaner Trigger COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4487 *CRG Laundry Powder Biological COUNTRYRANGE 1x6.8kg
    35965 *CRG Laundry Powder Dual Action COUNTRYRANGE 1x6.8kg
    4488 *CRG Laundry Powder Non Biological COUNTRYRANGE 1x6.8kg
    36150 Daz Washing Powder DAZ 1x5.85kg
    4473 Fabric Softener Easy Iron EASY IRON 1x5lt
    53096 LC8 Fabric Conditioner   1x10lt
    4485 Laundry Liquid FREEDOM 1x5lt
    36577 Low Temperature Destainer   1x10kg
    9756 Patient Cleanse Wipe Tub   1x80sh
    25340 Stainless Steel Cleaner CLEENOL 1x400ml
    59591 Wax Free Polish CLEENOL 1x750ml
    Chemicals - Washroom
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    72649 Anti Bac Foam Soap Pouches CLEENOL 3x800ml
    28179 Antibacterial Liquid Soap CLEENOL 1x5lt
    4514 *CRG Bathroom Cleaner Spray COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4463 *CRG Cream Cleaner Squeezy COUNTRYRANGE 1x500ml
    4502 *CRG Hand Soap Bactericidal COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4503 *CRG Hand Soap Bactericidal COUNTRYRANGE 1x500ml
    5177 *CRG Industrial De-Scaler COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    1562 *CRG Lemon Channel Blocks 3kg COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    39333 *CRG Orange Multipurpose Cleaner COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    9025 *CRG Phosphoric Cleaner with Descaler COUNTRYRANGE 1x5ltr
    4501 *CRG Sanitising Rinse Concentrate COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4461 *CRG Thick Bleach COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    64759 *CRG Toilet Cleaner COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    78803 Chisel All Purpose Cleaner STAPLES 1x5lt
    31694 Cleenzyme Autofeed Drain Maintainer STAPLES 2x5lt
    69019 Deodoriser & Urinal Cleaner Cleenzyme CLEENZYME 2x5ltr
    75146 Deodoriser & Urinal Cleaner Cleenzyme CLEENZYME 6x500ml
    38702 Deodoriser Enzyme Cleenzyme CLEENZYME 6x500ml
    49915 Deodoriser Enzyme Cleenzyme CLEENZYME 2x5ltr
    4470 Drain Cleaner STAPLES 1x5lt
    18943 Foam Soap Dispenser CLEENOL 1xeach
    70865 Katrin Foam Soap Cartridge KATRIN 6x1lt
    17171 Nova Safety Floor Cleaner STAPLES 1x5lt
    23679 Senses Rose Lilly Liquid Soap CLEENOL 1x5lt
    45243 Spray Soap Pouch Dispenser CLEENOL 1xeach
    52643 Thick Bleach-SwanNeck box CLEENOL 12x750ml
    53240 Urinal Blocks Enzyme CLEENZYME 1x1.1kg
    56950 Urinal Gels (Mango) COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    Chemicals - Floorcare
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4496 *CRG Disinfectant Pine Professional COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    4474 *CRG Floor Gel - Lemon COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    73633 Floor Maintainer Buffable CLEENOL 1x5lt
    8270 Floor Scraper & Blade   1xeach
    Kitchen Plastics
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9521 Lid Plastic 225x165mm   1x1
    8909 Plastic Tubs + Lids (Take Away)   250x1lt
    8160 Plastic Tubs + Lids (Takeaway) 500ml   250x500m
    4842 Plastic Tubs + Lids (Take-away) 650   1x250
    1600 Spray Bottle Plastic (Empty)   1x750ml
    8112 Squeezy Bottle Large 16oz VOGUE 1xeach
    7492 Squeezy Bottle Large 24oz VOGUE 1x1
    5411 Squeezy Bottle Large 32oz   1xeach
    2759 Tubs Plastic   1x2lt
    2760 Tubs Plastic   1x4lt
    79109 X2 Sprayhead & Water Bottle Starter Kit Evolution EVOLUTION 1x1
    Smoke Chippings & Gun
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13449 Chippings Smoking Beech   1x1kg
    59768 Chippings Smoking Hickory   1x1kg
    59614 Chippings Smoking Oak   1x1kg
    Gas Fuel & Tools
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9495 Blow Torch Head Quick Fit Handled   1xeach
    5639 Blow Torch Pro-Chefs   1xeach
    1604 Butane Gas Canister GOSYSTEM 1x277g
    1547 Chafing Fuel 6 hour   1x24
    7073 Cream Charger Bulbs x50 ISI 1x50
    8216 Cream Charger Gun 1lt ISI 1lt
    8403 Gas Refill A4   1x220g
    3019 Wax Lighting Tapers   1x55
    Cleaning Cloths
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    77742 Barista Cloth COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    67692 Blue Microglass Microfibre Cloth   1x10
    21971 *CRG Bleached Dishcloth COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    5067 *CRG Cloth All Purpose Blue COUNTRYRANGE 1x50
    74154 *CRG Cloth All Purpose Green COUNTRYRANGE 1x50
    10307 *CRG Cloth All Purpose Red COUNTRYRANGE 1x50
    22625 *CRG Cloth All Purpose Yellow COUNTRYRANGE 1x50
    58079 *CRG Cloth Colour Coded Cleaning Blue COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    50199 *CRG Cloth Colour Coded Cleaning Green COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    35981 *CRG Cloth Colour Coded Cleaning Red COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    47689 *CRG Cloth Colour Coded Cleaning Yellow COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    72243 *CRG Cloth Microfibre Blue Contract COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    13420 *CRG Oven Cloth 48cm x 91cm COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    10855 *CRG Scourer Large Stainless Steel 40g COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    5934 *CRG Scouring Pads Flat Green 23cm x 15cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    13632 *CRG Scouring Sponge 14x9cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    27307 *CRG Terry Tea Towel 45x74cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    4459 *CRG Wet Wipes Antibacterial Surface COUNTRYRANGE 1x150sh
    38102 *CRG White Tea Towel 45x74cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    1578 Griddle Holders   1xeach
    1577 Griddle Scourers/Pads   1x10
    6232 Griddle Scraper   1xeach
    9893 Griddle Screen x20's   1x20's
    25864 Grillstone Handle   1xeach
    70819 Grillstone (Pumice) JANTEX 1xeach
    63849 Hand Disinfectant Rub DIVERSEY 1x800ml
    6581 Heavy Duty Galvanised Wire Scourers Standard PREEMA 1x10
    1588 Heavy Duty Oven Cloths   1xeach
    79907 Hi-Absorb Cloth Green COUNTRYRANGE 1x5
    33527 Hi-Pur Sponge Green COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    61460 Magic Erase All Sponge COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    5167 Muslin Cloth Fine 4ply   1x15m
    45565 Ocean Wipes   1x50
    7503 Pink Pads Soap Filled Deluxe PREEMA 1x50
    8994 Probe/Utensil Wet Wipes   1x70sh
    5906 Soap Dispenser Blue HARVEST HYGI 1x1
    1598 Tea Towels White Honeycomb Weave VOGUE 1x10
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4495 *CRG Centrefeed White Paper COUNTRYRANGE 6x150m
    4493 Centrefeed Blue Paper   1x6
    64468 Centrepull Toilet Roll BETA 1x6
    61374 Enmotion White Rolltowel TORK 1x6
    8177 Hand Towel Dispenser HARVEST HYGI 1xeach
    9646 Large Modular Centrefeed Dispenser Plastic HARVEST HYGI 1x1
    Bags and Bins
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1558 *CRG Bin Liners Pedal COUNTRYRANGE 1x200
    20556 Green Compostable Bin Liners   30x10
    52466 Medium Duty Black Sack   1x200
    1266 Piping Bags Disposable Blue   1x100
    70551 Piping Bags Disposable Deluxe   1x100
    9022 Sacks Compactor Black Bin   1x100
    27991 Sacks Compactor Clear Bin   1x100
    32652 Sacks Refuse Black   1x500
    5656 Take-Away Food Carrier Bags 175x260x225mm   1x100
    8299 Vacuum Bags 140mmx170mm   1x1000
    38087 Vacuum Bags 150mmx200mm   1x1000
    6087 Vacuum Bags 250mmx250mm   1x1000
    5241 Vacuum Bags 300mmx400mm   1x1000
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    23402 Abbey Hygiene Handle Blue   1x1
    50326 Abbey Hygiene Handle Green   1x1
    39312 Abbey Hygiene Handle Red   1x1
    61780 Big White RS1 Socket Mop (Blue)   1x1
    25302 Big White RS1 Socket Mop (Green)   1x1
    45653 Big White RS1 Socket Mop (Red)   1x1
    15066 Blue Socket Mop Bucket & Wringer   1xeach
    1561 Broom & Handle 12" Soft   1x1
    52656 Broom & Handle 24" Soft   1x1
    7586 Broom Stiff 29cm   1x1
    67972 Bucket & Wringer Blue   1xeach
    37136 Bucket & Wringer Green   1xeach
    24775 Bucket & Wringer Red   1xeach
    43248 Bucket & Wringer Yellow   1xeach
    33185 *CRG Mop Socket Blue COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    66091 *CRG Mop Socket Red COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    25841 Closed Toilet Set   1xeach
    5835 Deck Scrubber & Handle   1x1
    6983 Deck Scrubber Brush Head Blue   1xeach
    1385 Dustpan & Brush PREEMA 1xeach
    7614 Galvanised Squeegee Head   1xeach
    23515 Green Socket Mop Bucket & Wringer   1xeach
    9343 Handle for Squeegee Head L478   1xeach
    40332 Microfibre Scrub Flat Mop COUNTRYRANGE 1x1
    1581 Mop Bucket Galvanised & Wringer H. Duty PREEMA 1xeach
    1584 Mop Handle Kentucky+Fitting   1x1
    9550 Mop Handle Screw Fit   1x1
    4854 Mop Head Jumbo No 16 Metal Socket 292g ROBERTSCOTT 1xeach
    64767 Mop Head Kentucky Clip   1x1
    5991 Mop Head Kentucky 450g ROBERTSCOTT 1xeach
    5178 Mop Head Screw Kentucky   1xeach
    4865 Mop Socket Exel Red EXEL 1x1
    5740 Nail Brush Double Sided   1xeach
    12467 Pro-mist Microfibre Antibacterial Mop Kit COUNTRYRANGE 1x1
    44437 Red Socket Mop Bucket & Wringer   1xeach
    6151 Screw Kentucky Mop Head RED   1xeach
    6796 Wire Brush With Wooden Handle   1x1
    1582 Wooden Broom/ Mop Handle Standard PREEMA 1xeach
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67897 Black Large Nitrile Gloves NITRILE 1x100
    43688 Black Medium Nitrile Gloves NITRILE 1x100
    32965 Blue Large Nitrile Glove NITRILE 1x100
    61858 Blue Medium Nitrile Glove NITRILE 1x100
    1573 Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    8655 Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves Medium EVERYDAY 1x100
    1568 Gloves Black Gauntlet   1xPairs
    1572 Gloves Blue Vinyl Extra Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    9776 Gloves Blue Vinyl Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    1574 Gloves Blue Vinyl Medium EVERYDAY 1x100
    7901 Gloves Blue Vinyl Small EVERYDAY 1x100
    64158 Gloves Everyday Catering Rubber Large EVERYDAY 1x6
    13799 Gloves Everyday Catering Rubber Medium EVERYDAY 1x6
    59291 Gloves Powder Free Vinyl Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    58449 Gloves Powder Free Vinyl Medium EVERYDAY 1x100
    1575 Gloves PowderFree Latex - Large   1x100
    9272 Gloves PowderFree Latex M White   1x100
    1571 Gloves PowderFree Latex XL   1x100
    36458 Gloves Powdered Blue Vinyl Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    62301 Gloves Powdered Blue Vinyl Small EVERYDAY 1x100
    32680 Gloves Powdered Clear Vinyl Large EVERYDAY 1x100
    43920 Gloves Powdered Clear Vinyl Medium EVERYDAY 1x100
    Toilet Rolls
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9870 *CRG Bulkpack Toilet Tissue 252 Sheets COUNTRYRANGE 1x36
    78260 *CRG Easimatic Toilet Roll Dispenser COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    1596 *CRG Toilet Rolls Mini Jumbo 150mx95mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    5650 Essential Jumbo 3" Core COUNTRYRANGE 1x6 Roll
    59801 Luxury 3ply Toilet Rolls   1x45
    53036 Toilet Rolls 2ply Eco KATRIN 1x36
    4508 Toilet Rolls Coreless Mini Jumbo POPPIES 1x36
    75064 White Roll Towels 2ply KATRIN 1x6
    Towels - hand
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1597 *CRG White Z-Fold Handtowel 2 Ply 23.5cmx24cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x3000
    51130 *CRG Kitchen Roll COUNTRYRANGE 6x4
    24281 Facial Tissue Cubes 2ply POPPIES 36x80sh
    78111 Facial Tissue Cubes 3ply FLEURDYLYS 24x80sh
    45941 Hand Towels Blue C-Fold 1 ply POPPIES 1x2688
    Chef's Supplies
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50242 Safety Goggles   1xeach
    32168 Vented Dust Mask   1x10
    Flags & Signs
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65029 Wet Floor Sign   1xeach
    First Aid
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    12069 Blue Detectable Plasters   1x100
    10832 Eye Wash Pods   1x25
    20785 First Aid Catering Kit   1xeach
    Chef's Clothing
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45250 Beard Snood (Net) Light Blue LION HAIRCAR 1x50
    9912 Blue PVC Heavyweight Apron 36"x48"   1xeach
    28133 Boston Clogs Black Size 42 BIRKENSTOCK 1xpair
    9072 *CRG Blue & White Striped Apron 27x38 COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    8474 Chef Hats 7"   1x50
    46633 Chef Skull Cap White WHITES 1xeach
    21107 Crocs Black Bistro Clogs Size 43   1xpair
    55901 Hair Nets - Blue   1x50
    46276 Net Peaked Hat White   1xeach
    6509 Poly Disposable Aprons White   1x100
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69685 Belazu Ceramic Bowl Large BELAZU 1xeach
    Cups & Glasses
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    30658 12/16oz PLA Sip-Thru Lid EDENWARE 1x1000
    76030 12oz Double Wall PLA Cup EDENWARE 1x500
    15997 16oz Double Wall PLA Cup EDENWARE 1x500
    50580 4oz Single Wall Cups   1x1000
    62296 7oz Vending Paper Cup BENDERS 1x1000
    45986 8oz Domed Hot Lid GOPAK 1x1000
    41725 8oz Double Wall PLA Cup EDENWARE 1x500
    31775 8oz PLA Sip-Thru Lid EDENWARE 1x1000
    62650 Clear Plastic Cup 7oz   1x2000
    11531 Cup Ripple Black 16oz GOPAK 1x500
    40576 Cup Ripple Black 8oz GOPAK 1x500
    31294 Cup Ripple Black Squat 12oz GOPAK 1x500
    29310 Cup Ripple Enjoy 8oz GOPAK 1x500
    43855 Cup Ripple Kraft 8oz GOPAK 1x500
    6527 Cup Ripple Kraft Squat 12oz GOPAK 1x500
    7574 Lid Domed Hot Cup 12-16oz GOPAK 1x1000
    53635 Lid Domed Hot Cup Black 8oz GOPAK 1x1000
    1380 PET Clear Cup 7oz GOPAK 20x50
    6816 Paper Souffle Cups 2oz   1x2500
    43086 Plastic Champagne Flutes   1x120
    26443 Soup Containers 12oz   1x250
    64275 Tumbler Half Pint ROBINSON 1x1000
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6890 Plastic Dessert Spoon Black   1x1000
    7945 Plastic Forks Black   1x1000
    8489 Plastic Knives Black   1x1000
    53656 Plastic Tea Spoon White   1x2000
    79736 Wooden Forks ENVIRO 1x100
    48877 Wooden Knives ENVIRO 1x100
    24117 Wooden Spoons ENVIRO 1x100
    54955 Wooden Teaspoons ENVIRO 1x100
    Chefs Knives
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50259 Carving Knife 10" VICTORINOX 1xeach
    9885 Cooks Knife 10" Blade VICTORINOX 1xeach
    8771 Flexible Fillet Knife 6" VICTORINOX 1xeach
    5761 Parer - 4" Blade VICTORINOX 1xeach
    54288 Rex Peeler VICTORINOX 1xeach
    6102 Serrated Curved Pastry Knife VICTORINOX 1x10"
    9254 Serrated Pastry Knife 25.5cm VICTORINOX 1xeach
    8894 Serrated Tomato Knife Black 4.5" Blade VICTORINOX 1xeach
    6399 Sharpening Steel 12" Round Rod VICTORINOX 1xeach
    6659 Slicing Knife Serrated 14" Blade VICTORINOX 1xeach
    7054 Speed Peeler Stainless/Steel   1xeach
    5859 Turning Knife Black 2.5" Blade VICTORINOX 1xeach
    Cooking Utensils
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6666 Dariol Mould Aluminium VOGUE 1xeach
    42273 Ice Cream Scoop Size 16 NEWFORESTICE 1xeach
    5972 Ice Cream Scoop Size 20 NEWFORESTICE 1xeach
    8805 Japanese Mandolin & Guard BENRINER 1xeach
    77732 Large Blue Chopping Board   1xeach
    75262 Large Brown Chopping Board   1xeach
    40687 Large Green Chopping Board   1xeach
    24456 Large Red Chopping Board   1xeach
    57754 Large White Chopping Board   1xeach
    41905 Large Yell Chopping Board   1xeach
    9283 Melon Baller 30mm VOGUE 1xeach
    9822 Preserve Jar VOGUE 1x1lt
    5769 Savoy Tube Star 1/2" no.8 SAVOY 1xeach
    8389 Savoy Tube Star 1/4" no.2 SAVOY 1xeach
    38688 Small Blue Chopping Board   1xeach
    31309 Small Brown Chopping Board   1xeach
    37215 Small Green Chopping Board   1xeach
    72722 Small Red Chopping Board   1xeach
    66915 Small White Chopping Board   1xeach
    19081 Small Yell Chopping Board   1xeach
    Still Room Equipment
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    60325 3 Tier Food Trolley Black   1xeach
    30434 3 Tier Food Trolley Grey   1xeach
    22479 Pouches Milk Jug   1x1
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