Molecular Gastronomy Definition

Molecular Gastronomy is a fusion of art and science, which modifies the appearance and texture of food, for example you can convert liquids into mousses or make popping candy to create playful, multi sensory experiences.

Molecular cooking recipes and meals can include:

  • Mixology – cocktails and molecular gastronomy drinks
  • Gastronomy – changing the shape, texture and appearance of a piece of food.
  • Styling – visually enhancing the texture and colour of a meal
  • Additives – to enhance your molecular dishes.



One of our top molecular producers, is a Spanish based company called SOSA. In the UK, their direct distributor for molecular  is HB Ingredients, who have over 220 niche SOSA products in stock.

Molecular Cooking Courses

Stay tuned, to attend one of our Molecular Cooking Courses this year, with SOSA and HB Ingredients.

  • Learn quick tips to enhance meals
  • Craft your own molecular recipes
  • Make molecular desserts

Overall, create unforgettable experiences for your guests, to ensure they return again.