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Rice Noodles Pasta and Nuts Seeds

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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    74468 Black Quinoa   1x1kg
    60604 Chia Seeds   1x1kg
    7124 Dried Cous Cous COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    5693 Israeli Cous Cous   1x1kg
    2252 Israeli Cous Cous Sack BELAZU 1x5kg
    17346 Israeli Cous Cous Sack BELAZU 1x10kg
    6288 Pearl Barley   1x3kg
    9819 Polenta (Cornmeal)   1x1.5kg
    3857 Popping Corn   1x1kg
    3874 Quinoa   1x1kg
    45952 Red Quinoa   1x1kg
    6305 Semolina COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    72540 Spelt Grain CENTAURFOODS 1x1kg
    3921 Tapioca COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    15520 Tri Colour Quinoa   1x1kg
    3851 Turkish Bulgar Wheat 1kg   1x1kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45911 Easy Cook Long Grain Rice COUNTRYRANGE 1x10kg
    55169 Easy Cook Long Grain Rice COUNTRYRANGE 1x15kg
    61787 Arborio Risotto Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    8080 Basmati Rice Easy Cook TILDA 1x5kg
    66749 Basmati Rice Original TILDA 1x5kg
    8671 Brown 'n' White Rice Easy Cook TILDA 1x5kg
    8190 Carnaroli Rice for Risotto MARTINOTTI 1x1kg
    52333 Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Rice TILDA 1x4kg
    5213 Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Rice Mix   1x3kg
    1110 Easy Cook Long Grain Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    7017 Easy Cook Long Grain Rice COUNTRYRANGE 1x5kg
    23955 Easy/Cook Basmati & Wild Mix Rice   1x1kg
    2827 Fragrant Jasmine Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    3891 Ground Rice SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    7505 Indian Easy Cook Basmati Rice COUNTRYRANGE 1x5kg
    3903 Pudding Rice SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    48510 Pudding Rice TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    79598 Carnaroli Risotto Rice BELAZU 12x1kg
    51669 Sushi Rice Gold Tamaki   1x2.26kg
    8811 Thai Jasmine Rice   1x2kg
    2829 Jasmine Fragrant Rice   1x1kg
    2945 White/Red/Wild Mixed Rice MERCHANTGOUR 1x1kg
    8695 Whole Grain Brown Rice COUNTRYRANGE 1x5kg
    9402 Wild Black Grain Rice   1x1kg
    Pasta - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6991 Lasagne Sheets Chilled   12x250g
    Pasta - Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73944 Cannelloni   1x250g
    1109 Cheese Filled Tortelini KNORR 1x3kg
    3208 Conchiglie Shells COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    2128 Egg Papardelle RISCOSSA 1x500g
    50589 Farfalle Bows COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    55085 Fregola Toasted CENTAUR 1x1kg
    46835 Fusili Tricolore KNORR 1x3kg
    42435 Fusilli Brown Rice Pasta Gluten Free DOVES 8x500g
    3210 Fusilli Spirals COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    3211 Fusilli Tricolour COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    3212 Lasagne Sheets COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    2125 Lasagne Verdi COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    74335 Linguine Pasta COUNTRYRANGE 6x500
    3213 Macaroni COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    53691 Macaroni Pasta KNORR 1x3kg
    8833 Macaroni/Fagiolini   1x500g
    8877 Orzo Pasta CENTAUR 1x500g
    6203 Penne Pasta Gluten Free DOVES 1x500g
    60690 Penne Pasta Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    26181 Penne Pasta Whole Wheat Organic BIONA 12x500g
    3214 Penne Quills COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    63302 Spaghetti Pasta Gluten Free DOVES 12x500g
    3215 Spaghetti Short COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    31653 Spaghetti Short KNORR 1x3kg
    3216 Tagliatelle COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    26096 Tagliatelle KNORR 1x3kg
    2131 Tagliatelle Verdi COUNTRYRANGE 6x500g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    28149 Egg Noodles Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x250g
    31107 Kong Moon Rice Stick YRB YELLOWRIVER 1x400g
    15162 Medium Egg Noodles COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    15675 Thai Rice Stick Kirin KIRIN 1x400g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    42429 Blue Maw Poppy Seeds COUNTRYRANGE 1x600g
    1667 Linseed (Flax) Brown   1x1kg
    4883 Pumpkin Seeds CURTIS 1x1kg
    29120 Seed Mix SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    7873 Sunflower Seeds TRIPLE LION 1x1kg
    31521 Tonka Beans BRAZIL 1x250g
    4948 Whole Sesame Seeds COUNTRYRANGE 1x580g
    Nuts (Shelled)
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5794 Almonds Blanched RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    8734 Almonds Flaked COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9130 Almonds Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    3746 Almonds Nibbed RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    8266 Almonds Whole Shelled SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    16858 Brazil Nuts COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9547 Cashew Nuts Whole Blanched COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    4520 Cashew Roasted/Salted RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    32522 Chestnuts Vac Pack COOKSMART 1x180g
    29475 Coconut Desiccated 2kg COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    3781 Coconut Raw Slices   1x3kg
    2584 Fruit & Nut Mix SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    3785 Hazelnuts Ground SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    5912 Hazelnuts Roasted/Blanche RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    9089 Hazelnuts Whole COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    36728 Luxury Smokehouse Nut Mix   1x1kg
    4994 Mixed Nibbed (Chopped) Nuts COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2560 Mixed Nuts (Whole Unsalted) SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    29029 Peanuts Blanched RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    4530 Peanuts Chilli RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    4536 Peanuts Dry Roasted RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    4527 Peanuts Honey Roasted SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    75587 Peanuts Roasted/Salted RM CURTIS 1x3kg
    6340 Pecan Nut Halves COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    70109 Pinenut Kernel 1kg RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    7173 Pistachio Nuts Shelled Raw Kernal COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    61434 Pistachio Peeled Green   1x1kg
    2516 Pistachio Roasted/Salted RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    8322 Rose Harissa Mixed Nuts BELAZU 1x1.45kg
    2565 Salted Mixed Nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds) SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    77758 Smoked Almonds   1x1kg
    73310 Socca Nut Mix BELAZU 1x1.1kg
    59811 Truffle & Pecorino Luxury Nut Mix BELAZU 1x1.35kg
    8705 Walnut Halves COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9170 Walnut Pieces COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    Beans Peas Lentils Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3655 Beans Pinto SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    3621 Black Beans SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    3635 Cannellini Beans SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    3688 Dried Black Eye Beans COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    6814 Dried Butter Beans COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    6528 Dried Chick Peas COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    8357 Dried Green Split Peas COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    7564 Dried Haricot Beans COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    5775 Dried Marrowfat Peas COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    5392 Dried Red Split Lentils COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    9487 Dried Yellow Split Peas COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    7018 Green Lentils TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    69221 Puy Lentils R.T.E(cooked) MERCHANTGOUR 1x600g
    8954 Puy Type Lentils TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    Fruit - Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2367 Apple Rings SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    2371 Apricots Chopped SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    5587 Apricots Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    9152 Banana Chips Dried RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    5613 Cranberries Dried RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    6640 Currants COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    8895 Cut Mixed Peel RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    6836 Dates Chopped, Rolled in Rice Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    7559 Dates Pitted COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    31069 Dried Goji Berries   1x1kg
    6635 Figs Dried RM CURTIS 1x1kg
    6093 Glace Cherries   1x1kg
    20900 Juicy Sultana & Raisin Mix FUNTIME 60x25g
    4003 Mango Chunks SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    8109 Medjoul Dates MEDJOUL 1x5kg
    6337 Mixed Fruit and Peel COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    4008 Papaya Chunks SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    4023 Pineapple Diced SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    4026 Pineapple Diced RM CURTIS 4x5kg
    4030 Prunes No Soak SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    2415 Prunes Pitted SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    8727 Raisins COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    4067 Raisins Golden   1x1kg
    14276 Strawberry Infused Sultanas FUNTIME 60x25g
    6923 Sultanas COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    4057 Sultanas 5 Crown SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    24109 Whole Juicy Apricots (Dried) FUNTIME 60x25g
    Fruit & Nut Mixes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2591 Tropical Mix SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
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