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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31278 0% Airen Blanco Cooking Wine   2x5lt
    1025 Brandy Napoleon C DUPRE 1x70cl
    24765 Cooking Brandy 10% GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    9678 Cooking Calvados 10% ABV GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    8585 Cooking Dark Rum 10% ABV GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    47863 Cooking IPA GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    45321 Cooking Irish Stout GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    2464 Cooking Madeira GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    2462 Cooking Marsala GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    2465 Cooking Port GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    20205 Cooking Sherry GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    5605 Cooking Whisky 10% ABV GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    30168 Cooking Wine Red COUNTRYRANGE 1x3lt
    66761 Cooking Wine Red 10ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x10ltr
    10906 Cooking Wine White COUNTRYRANGE 1x3lt
    18521 Cooking Wine White 10ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x10ltr
    42424 Gluhwein Mulled Wine GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    79842 Midori Melon Liqueur MIDORI 1x70cl
    1027 Sherry Cream WESTMINSTER 1x70cl
    37019 Tempranillo Cooking Wine 0%   2x5lt
    Coffee - bulk
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1522 Coffee Filter Mayor's Blend SMITHSCOFFEE 50x60g
    3323 Decaf Coffee Granules NESCAFE 1x500g
    47581 Decaffeinated Filter Coffee HARVESTBLEND 50x60g
    3285 Filter Coffee Harvest Blend +Free Filter HARVESTBLEND 50x60g
    71938 Four Corners Blend Bean UCCCOFFEE 10x500g
    24291 Gold Blend Granules GOLD BLEND 1x750g
    63208 Grand Café Decaf Beans   20x200g
    20835 Grand Cafe FT Beans   10x500g
    47003 Grand Cafe RFA Filter Coffee GRANDCAFE 45x70g
    12704 Instant Coffee Granules COUNTRYRANGE 1x750g
    13094 Kenco Rich Granules KENCO 1x750g
    13894 Kenco Smooth Granules KENCO 1x750g
    33555 Lyons Cafe Mocha Beans   10x500g
    40198 Maxwell House Rich Blend MAXWELL 1x750g
    66322 Nescafe Azera Ameriacano AZERA 1x500g
    3322 Nescafe Original Granules NESCAFE 1x750g
    49417 Oh La La Capsule GRANDCRU 12x10
    60316 Rendez-Vous Capsule GRANDCRU 12x10
    13248 Roast & Ground Filter Coffee RFA COUNTRYRANGE 50x60g
    14967 Tete a Tete Decaf Capsule GRANDCRU 12x10
    16111 ThreeSixty RFA Blend Beans   10x500g
    Coffee - Portions
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    66878 Coffee Bags Lyon No3   150gx7g
    3338 Coffee Sachets Colombian POLDERMILL 1x1000
    40303 Coffee Sachets Continental POLDERMILL 1x1000
    3340 Coffee Sachets Decaf POLDERMILL 1x1000
    4751 Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee Sachets COUNTRYRANGE 1x500
    3313 Gold Blend Coffee Sticks NESCAFE 1x200
    3312 Gold Blend Decaf Sticks GOLD BLEND 1x200
    67481 Kenco Decaffeinated Sticks KENCO 1x200
    64267 Kenco Rich Coffee Sticks KENCO 1x200
    3314 Original Coffee Sticks NESCAFE 1x200
    3311 Original Decaf Sticks NESCAFE 1x200
    46625 RFA Coffee Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x250
    Coffee Creamers/Jiggers
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7843 Cafe Maid Jigger Liquid Coffee Creamer MILLAC 1x120
    3135 Cream Jiggers COUNTRYRANGE 120x12g
    39564 Half Fat Milk Portions MILLAC 120x12ml
    3490 Milk Jiggers Full Fat COUNTRYRANGE 120x12ml
    7886 Milk Jiggers Semi Skimmed COUNTRYRANGE 120x12ml
    57390 Soya Milk Jiggers   80x12g
    44061 Viva Banana Milk VIVA 27x200ml
    22987 Viva Chocolate Milk VIVA 27x200ml
    71713 Viva Strawberry Milk VIVA 27x200ml
    Coffee - Syrups
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45152 Coffee Syrup Amaretto MONIN 1x70cl
    5694 Coffee Syrup Caramel MONIN 1x70cl
    1146 Coffee Syrup Chocolate MONIN 1x70cl
    67573 Coffee Syrup Cinnamon MONIN 1x70cl
    9973 Coffee Syrup Hazelnut MONIN 1x70cl
    6497 Coffee Syrup Toffee Nut MONIN 1x70cl
    8197 Coffee Syrup Vanilla MONIN 1x70cl
    Tea - Bags
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78530 1 Cup Teabags (Standard) COUNTRYRANGE 1x1100
    66711 Afternoon Blend Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x1kg
    23031 China Green Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x1kg
    23060 Earl Grey Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x1kg
    67133 Peppermint Leaf Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x500g
    75179 Premium Blended Tea Bags COUNTRYRANGE 1x1100
    9554 Rooibos Vanilla Blend Tea DRAGON FLY 1x40
    63742 Summer Berries Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x500g
    71145 Tea Bags DORSET TEA 1x1100
    56741 Tea Bags Tetley TETLEY 1x1100
    1149 Teabags - PG Tips PG TIPS 1x1100
    31125 Whole Camomile Loose Tea 95DEGREES 4x500g
    49735 Yorkshire Tea 1 Cup YORKSHIRETEA 1x1040
    Tea - Bags Tagged/Envelo
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27801 Blackberry Syllabub Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    20952 Cool Camomile Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    36422 Dorset Tea Golden Blend Tag & Envelope DORSET TEA 1x250
    44305 Earl Grey Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    58708 Envelope & Tagged Teabags COUNTRYRANGE 1x250
    66766 Foraged Fruits Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    65230 Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    48966 Pure Green Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    15320 Strawberries & Cream Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    22955 Sunshine Lemon & Ginger Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    6386 Tag/Enveloped Tea PG Tips PG TIPS 1x200
    1148 Teabags - Tetley Decaf String/Env TETLEY 1x25
    48600 Wild About Mint Tea Envelope DORSET TEA 1x20
    Tea - String and Tagged
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50033 Dorset Tea Decaff DORSET TEA 6x80
    38873 Dorset Tea String & Tag DORSET TEA 1x100
    Beverages - Other Hot
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3364 Chocolate Sachets Fair Trade COUNTRYRANGE 1x100
    70775 Classic Hot Chocolate Sachets POLDERMILL 100x23g
    9974 Drinking Chocolate Add Milk CADBURYS 1x2kg
    57777 Drinking Chocolate Add Milk GALAXY 1x2kg
    1144 Drinking Chocolate Complete Instant CADBURYS 1x2kg
    53470 Drinking Chocolate Reduced Fat COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    56388 Fairtrade Chocolate Drink UCCCOFFEE 10x1kg
    1389 Horlicks Original Traditional Composite HORLICKS 1x2kg
    65250 Hot Chocolate Drink Reduced Fat COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    1145 Instant Chocolate Sticks CADBURYS 50x28g
    49197 Instant Hot Chocolate GALAXY 1x1kg
    79283 Instant Hot Chocolate Sticks GALAXY 100x25g
    7794 Ovaltine OVALTINE 1x800g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45259 Apple & Blackcurrant Drink N.A.S. COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    7518 Blackcurrant Drink N.A.S. COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    5222 Cordial Apple & Blackcurrant NAS ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    20853 Cordial Apple/B'curr NAS ROBINSONS 12x1lt
    57313 Cordial Lemon N.A.S. ROBINSONS 12x1lt
    7791 Cordial Orange NAS ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    52835 Cordial Orange N.A.S. ROBINSONS 12x1lt
    3559 Elderflower Cordial BOTTLE GREEN 1x50cl
    4065 Grenadine Syrup MONIN 1x70cl
    3009 Lemon Cordial N.A.S. ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    3010 Lime Juice Cordial COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    9237 Whole Orange Drink N.A.S. COUNTRYRANGE 1x5lt
    Soft Drinks
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    10260 7 Up Free Bottles GB PEPSI 24x500ml
    3175 7Up Free Cans 7UP 24x330ml
    17795 Apple & Rhubarb Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    23794 Apple & Rhubarb PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    47983 Blackcurrant Crush Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    68907 Blackcurrant Crush PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    40503 Blood Orange San Pellegrino SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    3161 Coca Cola COCA COLA 24x330ml
    8917 Coca Cola BOTTLE Irish COCA COLA 24x500ml
    1321 Coca Cola Cherry COCA COLA 24x330ml
    3162 Coca Cola Diet Cans COCA COLA 24x330ml
    31265 Coca Cola ZERO Bottles COCA COLA 12x500ml
    5454 Coca Cola Zero Cans New Improved Taste COCA COLA 24x330ml
    17824 Cox's Apple Presse Sparkling BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    1328 Diet Coca Cola BOTTLE IRISH COCA COLA 24x500ml
    24030 Diet Pepsi Bottles GB PEPSI 24x600ml
    79897 Diet Pepsi Cans PEPSI 24x330ml
    1331 Dr Pepper Cans DR PEPPER 24x330ml
    1332 Dr Pepper PET DR PEPPER 12x500ml
    13545 Elderflower & Pomegranate presse BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    3560 Elderflower Presse BOTTLE GREEN 1x6x75cl
    25898 Elderflower Presse Glass HEARTSEASE 6x750ml
    43676 Elderflower Presse Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    62198 Elderflower Presse PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    27961 Elderflower presse BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    47554 Fanta Fruit Twist Bottle FANTA 12x500ml
    38699 Fanta Fruit Twist Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    63105 Fanta Lemon Bottle FANTA 12x500ml
    9953 Fanta Lemon Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    34252 Fanta Orange Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    5781 Fanta Orange GB BOTTLE FANTA 12x500ml
    66949 Fanta Orange Zero Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    72887 Fiery Ginger Beer PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    64031 Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant Low Sugar FRUIT SHOOT 24x275ml
    27813 Fruit Shoot Apple Low Sugar FRUIT SHOOT 24x275ml
    47488 Fruit Shoot Orange Low Sugar FRUIT SHOOT 24x275ml
    70528 Fruit Shoot Summer Fruits Low Sugar FRUIT SHOOT 24x275ml
    76841 Ginger Beer Sparkling BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    49086 Ginger& Lemongrass presse BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    55263 Grapefruit San Pellegrino SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    60155 Lemon San Pellegrino SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    72174 Lilt Bottles SPRITE 12x500ml
    3168 Lilt Cans LILT 24x330ml
    40441 Lilt Zero Cans LILT 24x330ml
    68038 Lipton Iced Tea Lemon LIPTON 12x500ml
    6720 Lucozade Energy Original LUCOZADE 24x380ml
    63044 Lucozade Pink Lemonade LUCOZADE 24x380ml
    5758 Lucozade Sport Orange LUCOZADE 12x500ml
    1080 Milkshake Syrup - Banana CRUSHA 1x1lt
    3012 Milkshake Syrup - Chocolate CRUSHA 1x1lt
    1081 Milkshake Syrup - Raspberry CRUSHA 1x1lt
    1082 Milkshake Syrup - Strawberry CRUSHA 1x1lt
    8099 Oasis Citrus Punch OASIS 12x500ml
    41280 Oasis Summer Fruits OASIS 12x500ml
    47434 Orange San Pellegrino SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    12465 Pepsi Bottles GB PEPSI 24x500ml
    5120 Pepsi Cans PEPSI 24x330ml
    44204 Purdeys Energy Edge PURDEYS 12x250ml
    28009 Purdeys Energy Rejuvenate PURDEYS 12x250ml
    38633 Raspberry Lemonade Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    12520 Raspberry Lemonade PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    45581 Raspberry Lemonade presse BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    75909 Refresh'd Orange/Lime ROBINSONS 24x500ml
    69587 Refresh'd Raspberry/Apple ROBINSONS 24x500ml
    9864 Ribena Blackcurrant RIBENA 24x250ml
    6030 Ribena Blackcurrant PET RIBENA 12x500ml
    42538 Schweppes Diet Lemonade SCHWEPPES 6x2ltr
    1349 Sprite Cans SPRITE 24x330ml
    5583 Sprite GB BOTTLE SPRITE 12x500ml
    39124 Sprite Zero Cans SPRITE 24x330ml
    42283 Sugar Free Red Bull REDBULL 24x250ml
    5959 Tango Apple Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    51567 Tango Orange Bottles GB PEPSI 24x600ml
    3176 Tango Orange Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    31838 Tango Strawberry Watermelon can TANGO 24x330ml
    73871 Tango Tropical Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    49229 Traditional Lemonade Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    64029 Traditional Lemonade PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    Juice Drinks - Ambient
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    63376 Apple & Elderflower Juice HILLFARM 24x250ml
    3262 Apple Juice COUNTRYRANGE 12x1lt
    16130 Apple Juice With Ginger HILLFARM 24x250ml
    42635 Apple Juice with Blackcurrant HILLFARM 24x250ml
    6406 Beetroot Juice (bottle) BIOTTA 1x500ml
    45280 Carrot Juice Organic BIOTTA 1x500ml
    41595 Cloudy Apple Juice HILLFARM 24x250ml
    23140 Cox & Bramley Apple Juice HILLFARM 24x250ml
    3263 Cranberry Juice COUNTRYRANGE 12x1lt
    79853 Frobishers Apple Juice FROBISHERS 12x250ml
    21785 Frobishers Mango Juice FROBISHERS 12x250ml
    30313 Frobishers Orange Juice FROBISHERS 12x250ml
    3264 Grapefruit Juice KULANA 12x1lt
    3163 Juice Apple Mini COUNTRYRANGE 27x200ml
    54926 Juice Orange COUNTRYRANGE 12x1lt
    3164 Juice Orange Mini COUNTRYRANGE 27x200ml
    4702 Lemon Juice (100%) BOWES HILL 1x1lt
    25563 Lime Juice DELLIMONE 1x1lt
    48497 Pear With Apple Juice HILLFARM 24x250ml
    3165 Pineapple Juice COUNTRYRANGE 12x1lt
    39328 Pure Tomato Juice I.O.W TOMATO STALL 12x200ml
    3167 Tomato Juice KULANA 12x1lt
    Juice Drinks - Chilled
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    16965 Apple Juice 2.27lt VILLAGEPRESS 1x2.27lt
    25336 Apple Juice Village Press VILLAGEPRESS 12x250ml
    15518 Fresh Lemon Juice VILLAGEPRESS 2x2.27lt
    63419 Fresh Lime Juice VILLAGEPRESS 2x2.27lt
    69964 Fresh Yuzu Juice WASABI 1x200ml
    50233 Orange Juice 2.27lt VILLAGEPRESS 1x2.27lt
    18867 Orange Juice Village Press VILLAGEPRESS 12x250ml
    37093 Pink Grapefruit Juice VILLAGEPRESS 1x2.27lt
    Bottled Water
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31289 Glass Sparkling Water LIFE-WATER 24x330ml
    71193 Glass Sparkling Water LIFE-WATER 12x750ml
    20135 Glass Still Water LIFE-WATER 24x330ml
    71762 Glass Still Water LIFE-WATER 12x750ml
    37096 Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water SPLASH 24x500ml
    79182 NF Sparkling Water Glass NEWFOR WATER 24x330ml
    51201 NF Still Water Glass NEWFOR WATER 24x330ml
    1767 NF Still Water PET NEWFOR WATER 24x500ml
    2524 New Forest Water Sparkling NEWFOR WATER 12x750ml
    2526 New Forest Water Still NEWFOR WATER 12x750ml
    6653 Rad/Hills Water Still RADNOR HILLS 12x1.5lt
    3178 Sparkling Water RADNOR HILLS 24x500ml
    9080 Sparkling Water RADNOR HILLS 12x1.5lt
    38912 Sparkling Water LIFE-WATER 24x500ml
    66731 Still Water Can LIFE-WATER 24x330ml
    41942 Still Water Sport LIFE-WATER 24x500ml
    16966 Still Water Sports LIFE-WATER 24x330ml
    3179 Still Water Sports Cap RADNOR HILLS 24x500ml
    16704 Still Water Twist LIFE-WATER 24x500ml
    17278 Still Water Twist LIFE-WATER 24x330ml
    31458 Strawberry Flavoured Water SPLASH 24x500ml
    6665 Water Still Flat Cap RADNOR HILLS 24x500ml
    13848 Water Still Flat Cap RADNOR HILLS 24x330ml
    Ice Cubes - Frozen
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    20305 Crushed Ice SOUTH COAST 6x2kg
    4421 Ice Cubes Scotsman BLUE KELD IC 6x2kg
    Sugar Portions
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6900 *CRG Brown Sugar Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    6924 *CRG Sachets Brown Sugar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    6743 *CRG Sachets White Sugar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    8247 *CRG White Sugar Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    57636 Canderel Granular Stevia Green Sticks CANDEREL 1x1000
    1061 La Perruche Brown Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    1062 La Perruche White Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    9958 Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar Sticks TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    52550 Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    3358 Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks TATE 1x1000
    3359 Tate & Lyle Fairtrade White Sugar Stick TATE&LYLE 1x1000
    57264 Tate & Lyle White Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    8817 Tate & Lyle White Sugar Sticks TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    57411 Zucro Sachets ZUCRO 1x1000
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