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    Molecular Gastronomy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7386 Silica Gel (Orange)   1x3kg
    79911 Sosa Airbag Farina (Flour) SOSA 1x600g
    48730 Sosa Airbag Granite (Granules) SOSA 1x750g
    18012 Sosa Apple Powder SOSA 1x700g
    42322 Sosa Beetroot Powder SOSA 1x300g
    14076 Sosa Bubble SOSA 1x500g
    6307 Sosa Calcium Chloride Clorur SOSA 1x750g
    78027 Sosa Cherry Crispy SOSA 1x300g
    18915 Sosa Citric Acid Powder SOSA 1x1kg
    13669 Sosa Coffee Sugar SOSA 1x500g
    79011 Sosa Crispy Caramel SOSA 1x750g
    64789 Sosa Dehydrated Seaweed powder SOSA 1x300g
    79115 Sosa Egg Yolk In Powder SOSA 1x500g
    43056 Sosa Elastic SOSA 1x650g
    39485 Sosa Emulsifying Paste SOSA 1x1kg
    44122 Sosa Fizz Powder SOSA 1x700g
    34663 Sosa Freeze Dried Blackberries SOSA 1x80g
    15629 Sosa Fruit Pectine SOSA 1x500g
    8672 Sosa Gelburgeur SOSA 1x500g
    70286 Sosa Gelcrem Cold SOSA 1x500g
    32092 Sosa Gelespessa Xantana SOSA 1x500g
    8331 Sosa Gellan Gum SOSA 1x500g
    26974 Sosa Gluconolactat SOSA 1x500g
    47726 Sosa Glucose Powder SOSA 1x600g
    26719 Sosa Gold Leaf Sheets SOSA 1x25
    22514 Sosa Goma Guar SOSA 1x750g
    10147 Sosa Goma Kappa SOSA 1x600g
    5406 Sosa Ice Cream Stabiliser ProCrema 100 Cold SOSA 1x3kg
    32052 Sosa Instagel Fast SOSA 1x400g
    72691 Sosa Instangel SOSA 1x500g
    21307 Sosa Isomalt "F" Refined SOSA 1x1kg
    63786 Sosa Konjac Gum SOSA 1x600g
    69693 Sosa Lime Sugar SOSA 1x500g
    70693 Sosa Madagascar Green Pepper SOSA 1x90g
    11329 Sosa Maltodextrin SOSA 1x600g
    77159 Sosa Maltosec SOSA 1x500g
    77076 Sosa Mandarin Salt SOSA 1x50g
    75622 Sosa Mango Crispy SOSA 1x250g
    55443 Sosa Medium Cane SOSA 1x104pcs
    44992 Sosa Natur Emul SOSA 1x500g
    64431 Sosa Onion Pearla Confit SOSA 1x170g
    18320 Sosa Passion Fruit Crispy SOSA 1x200g
    71367 Sosa Powdered Egg White SOSA 1x500g
    71120 Sosa Powdered Smoke Flavouring SOSA 1x500g
    22992 Sosa Powdered Soy Lecithin SOSA 1x400g
    52808 Sosa Pro Pannacotta SOSA 1x800g
    8806 Sosa Proespuma Cold SOSA 1x700g
    16767 Sosa Proespuma Hot SOSA 1x500g
    21739 Sosa Promousse SOSA 1x3kg
    78997 Sosa Pumpkin Extract in Powder SOSA 1x400g
    14007 Sosa Raspberry Crispy SOSA 1x300g
    62071 Sosa Raspberry Powder SOSA 1x300g
    55249 Sosa Rose Petals Dried SOSA 1x80g
    23912 Sosa Rose Sugar SOSA 1x500g
    21083 Sosa Sea Lettuce Sosa SOSA 1x25g
    8167 Sosa Sodium Alginate SOSA 1x750g
    56346 Sosa Spearmint Powder SOSA 1x60g
    16984 Sosa Strawberry Crispy 2-10mm SOSA 1x200g
    18940 Sosa Toffee Sugar SOSA 1x500g
    58184 Sosa Tomato Flakes Sosa SOSA 1x300g
    55790 Sosa Ultratex 3 SOSA 1x400g
    7135 Sosa Vegetable Setting Powder SOSA 1x500g
    5434 Sosa Xanthan Gum SOSA 1x500g
    77444 Sosa Yoghurt Powder SOSA 1x800g
    68115 Sosa Yuzu Paste SOSA 1x1.5kg
    Baking - Ambient
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47414 Bournville Cocoa Powder CADBURY 1x1.5kg
    36515 *CRG Baking Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x900g
    1227 *CRG Bicarbonate of Soda COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.05kg
    7981 *CRG Breadcrumbs Golden COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    4968 *CRG Breadcrumbs Natural COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    52234 *CRG Cocoa Powder (Reduced Fat) COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    43438 *CRG Cream of Tartar COUNTRYRANGE 1x790g
    1281 *CRG Milk Powder Skimmed COUNTRYRANGE 1x12.5kg
    5585 *CRG Mincemeat COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    13891 *CRG Skimmed Milk Powder 2kg COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    26651 Carnation Caramel NESTLE 6x397g
    6046 Carnation Evaporated Milk CARNATION 1x410g
    32325 Carnation Sweet Condensed Milk CARNATION 1x397g
    13963 Chocolate Frosting MACPHIE 1x5kg
    2949 Cocoa Powder Extra Brut CACAO BARRY 1x1kg
    72420 Dulce de Leche Sauce   1x980g
    2950 Hazelnut/Almond Praline Paste CALLEBAUT 1x1kg
    2150 Leaf Gelatine Bronze   1x1kg
    9644 Leaf Gelatine Gold   1x1kg
    2151 Leaf Gelatine Silver   1x1kg
    6016 Marshmallows Mini Pink & White   1x1kg
    43793 Marshmallows Mini White   1x1kg
    5723 Marshmallows Standard Pink & White   1x1kg
    63198 Milk Powder Value MILLAC 1x12.5kg
    1282 Mincemeat BAKO 1x12.5kg
    1315 Noels Stem Ginger in Syrup NOELS 1x1.05kg
    77342 Powdered Beef Gelatine COUNTRYRANGE 1x620g
    1391 Suet Beef Atora ATORA 1x2kg
    1287 Suet Vegetable BAKO 1x12.5kg
    1288 Suet Vegetable SUNCATCHER 1x3kg
    42709 Vanilla Fudge Pieces Tumble Pack 25x25x15mm HBINGREDIENT 1x2kg
    5153 Yeast Dried (Tin) ALLINSON 1x125g
    Dessert Ingredients
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4323 Angel Delight Butterscotch Birds BIRDS 1x24ptn
    4325 Angel Delight Raspberry Birds BIRDS 1x24ptn
    4322 *CRG Banana Flavour Delight COUNTRYRANGE 1x600g
    4321 *CRG Chocolate Flavour Delight COUNTRYRANGE 1x600g
    54314 *CRG Custard Mix Instant COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    9814 *CRG Custard Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    3143 *CRG Custard Ready To Serve COUNTRYRANGE 1x1lt
    1313 *CRG Jelly Crystals Orange Flavour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    3464 *CRG Jelly Crystals Raspberry Flavour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    47732 *CRG Jelly Crystals Strawberry Flavour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    4973 *CRG Pie Filling Apple COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    9528 *CRG Pie Filling Blackcurrant COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    9334 *CRG Pie Filling Red Cherry COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    8905 *CRG Pie Filling Strawberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    3150 *CRG Rice Pudding (Tinned) COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.61kg
    4326 *CRG Strawberry Flavour Delight COUNTRYRANGE 1x600g
    1042 Chocolate Flakes '99' Cadburys CADBURYS 1x144
    8260 Crackle Crystals EN PLACE 1x500g
    4793 Crackle Crystals Chocolate Enrobed EN PLACE 1x500g
    35434 Creme Anglaise Essential Cuisine ESSENTIAL 1x1.02kg
    1085 Creme Anglaise Macphie MACPHIE 1x1lt
    1086 Creme Brulee Macphie MACPHIE 1x1lt
    1048 Custard Mix Instant Birds BIRDS 1x3kg
    1047 Custard Powder Birds BIRDS 1x3kg
    1045 Custard Ready To Use Ambrosia AMBROSIA 1x1lt
    7670 Dessert Raspberry Sauce Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    38474 Dessert Sauce Belgian Chocolate Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    29083 Dessert Sauce Strawberry Drizzle DAVINCI 1x500g
    5687 Dessert Toffee Fudge Sauce Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    45612 Dessert Topping Maple Flavoured Syrup Macphie MACPHIE 1x500g
    78712 Fruity Pot Apple & Blackcurrant Jelly Squeeze FRUITYPOT 16x95g
    53814 Fruity Pot Orange Jelly Squeeze FRUITYPOT 16x95g
    13551 Fruity Pot Strawberry Jelly Squeeze FRUITYPOT 16x95g
    1050 Jelly Crystals Lime MCDOUGALLS 1x3.5kg
    46730 Jelly Crystals Strawberry Vegetarian McDougalls MCDOUGALLS 1x3.5kg
    70363 Jelly Mix Orange Reduced Sugar Wellcare DROETKER 1x1kg
    64023 Jelly Mix Strawberry Reduced Sugar Wellcare DROETKER 1x1kg
    56019 Large Sponge Flan Case BAKERSTREET 1x200g
    5291 Pie Filling Apple Blackberry MARGETTS 1x2.5kg
    9315 Pie Filling Black Cherry MARGETTS 1x2.5kg
    61775 Strawberry Dessert Mix (reduced sugar) DROETKER 1x1kg
    39904 Sugar Strands Chocolate DROETKER 1x700g
    79867 Sugar Strands Coloured DROETKER 1x700g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2140 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour RISCOSSA 1x1kg
    38825 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour TIPO 1x16kg
    1234 Bread Improver   1x12kg
    17480 Breadmaking Flour HEYGATES 1x1.5kg
    3932 Buckwheat Flour   1x3kg
    73267 *CRG Cornflour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    8226 *CRG Plain Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x16kg
    12345 *CRG Plain Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    8753 *CRG Self Raising Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x16kg
    50786 *CRG Self Raising Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    1247 *CRG Strong White Bread Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x16kg
    76451 *CRG Wholemeal Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x3kg
    3935 Chick Pea (Gram) Flour KTC 1x1kg
    6082 Cotswold Crunch Flour COTSWOLD 1x16kg
    9754 Doves Organic Spelt Flour Brown DOVES 5x1kg
    6237 Evenlode Strong Bread Flour EVENLODE 1x16kg
    2681 Potato Flour   1x3kg
    3939 Rice Flour 100% SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    1240 Rye Flour SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    31599 T45 Plain Culinary Flour IMPERIAL 1x16kg
    32167 T55 Encore Flour ENCORE 1x16kg
    Gluten Free Flours
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3937 Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour DOVES 1x1kg
    3936 Doves Gluten Free White Bread Flour DOVES 1x1kg
    6934 Doves Self Raising Flour Gluten Free DOVES 1x1kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65927 Amber Sugar Crystals TATE & LYLE 10x500g
    6039 Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x1kg
    7952 Billingtons Muscovado Dark Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    6359 Billingtons Muscovado Light Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    22601 Billingtons Natural Molasses Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    1213 Perpetual Snow DGF 1x1kg
    4398 Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x10kg
    4399 Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x2kg
    4400 Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar Sack TATE & LYLE 1x25kg
    4404 Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x3kg
    4406 Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x25kg
    4408 Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    6786 Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x5kg
    4409 Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x25kg
    4411 Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x3kg
    5199 Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 500g box TATE & LYLE 1x500g
    4412 Tate & Lyle Jam Making Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    4414 Tate & Lyle Soft Dark Brown Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x3kg
    4415 Tate & Lyle Soft Light Brown Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x3kg
    Sugar Paste
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    32376 Fondant Block   1x12.5kg
    44874 Fondant Icing Patissier DGF 1x1kg
    59459 Fondant Ready-Roll Icing DR OETKER 1x1kg
    39980 Marzipan Golden Renshaw RENSHAW 1x5kg
    1278 Marzipan Neutral Renshaw RENSHAW 1x5kg
    4654 Palm Sugar Paste   1x1kg
    1205 Sugar Paste White Renshaw RENSHAW 1x10kg
    Cooking Chocolate
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31248 *CRG Dark Chocolate Drops COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    55858 *CRG Dark Chocolate Drops 70% COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    50111 *CRG Milk Chocolate Drops COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    18229 *CRG White Chocolate Drops COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    2079 Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets 54.5% CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    2078 Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets 70% CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    35375 Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chunks CALLEBAUT 1x10kg
    26997 Callebaut Gold Easimelt CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    2081 Callebaut Milk Chocolate Callets CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    42023 Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chunks CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    17405 Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Easimelt CALLEBAUT 1x10kg
    39601 Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Easimelt CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    2098 Callebaut White Chocolate Block CALLEBAUT 1x5kg
    2099 Callebaut White Chocolate Callets CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    69839 Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks CALLEBAUT 1x2.5kg
    70869 Chocolate Drops Plain Scotbloc DROETKER 1x3kg
    66238 Chocolate Drops White Scotbloc DROETKER 1x3kg
    2077 Dark Chocolate Block 53% CALLEBAUT 1x5kg
    28605 Grue de Cacao (Cocoa Nibs CALLEBAUT 1x800g
    46283 McDougalls Dark Chocolate Flavour Chips MCDOUGALLS 1x1.1kg
    2073 Milk Choc Block CALLEBAUT 1x5kg
    29482 Mona Lisa Milk & White Chocolate Blossoms MONA LISA 1x2.5kg
    40128 Mona Lisa Milk Chocolate Blossoms MONA LISA 1x2.5kg
    Chocolate Cups/Decoratio
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9099 Callebaut Pencils Dark Chocolate 20cm CALLEBAUT 1x900g
    4744 Callebaut Pencils Marbled Chocolate White & Dark 20cm CALLEBAUT 1x900g
    8268 Callebaut Pencils White Choc 20cm CALLEBAUT 1x900g
    2074 Callebaut Snobinette Cups (small) Dark Chocolate CALLEBAUT 1x270
    2091 Callebaut Truffle Shells Dark Chocolate CALLEBAUT 1x504
    2093 Callebaut Truffle Shells Milk Chocolate CALLEBAUT 1x504
    2094 Callebaut Truffle Shells White Chocolate CALLEBAUT 1x504
    31407 Mona Lisa Assorted Dark Chocolate Cups MONA LISA 1x40
    47641 Mona Lisa Bubble Gold Cup MONA LISA 5x28
    7297 Mona Lisa Marbled Chocolate Jura Assortment MONA LISA 1x340
    2075 Mona Lisa Marie Charlotte Chocolate Cups MONA LISA 1x135
    7336 Mona Lisa Tulip Chocolate Cups Marbled Medium MONA LISA 1x36
    38503 Mona Lisa White Chocolate Jura Rhomba MONA LISA 1x360
    73784 Sphere Dark Chocolate Dome MONALISA 1x28pcs
    Chocolates Other Uses
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    48331 Chocolate Guitar Sheets MONA LISA 30x40cm
    34736 Dark Chocolate Vermicelli ICRA 1x1kg
    29474 Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Tagliatellis MONA LISA 1x2kg
    6209 Shavings Dark Chocolate Belcolade BELCOLADE 1x3kg
    6181 Shavings White Chocolate Belcolade BELCOLADE 1x3kg
    Essences & Aromes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7529 Almond Extract NEILSON MASS 1x118ml
    55955 Almond Flavouring BLENDS 1x500ml
    4379 Anchovie Sauce GEO WATKINS 1x190ml
    23977 Coffee Extract DGF 1x1lt
    5801 Liquorice Extract SEVAROME 1x500ml
    4727 Orange Arome CULINAIRE 115ml
    2052 Orange Blossom Water SOFRA 1x500ml
    50537 Pistachio Paste SEVAROME 1x1kg
    16335 Rose Water   1x500ml
    28347 Sosa Bitter Chocolate Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    29452 Sosa Caramel Flavour Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    40960 Sosa Green Apple Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    76281 Sosa Grill Powder Aroma SOSA 1x400g
    44896 Sosa Lavender Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    14410 Sosa Lemon Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    39611 Sosa Lemon Balm Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    56674 Sosa Lemon Verbena Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    18608 Sosa Peppermint Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    78276 Sosa Strawberry Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    57071 Sosa Sweet Orange Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    62231 Sosa White Chocolate Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    33070 Sosa Wild Strawberry Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    33568 Vanilla Bean Paste TAYLOR&COLLE 1x65g
    1624 Vanilla Bean Pure Extract TAYLOR 1x100ml
    6236 Vanilla Europa Extract EUROPA 1x1lt
    23580 Vanilla Flavouring DROETKER 1x500ml
    1889 Vanilla Pods Large   1x10
    47991 White Chocolate Paste SOSA 1x2.5kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7015 Agave Syrup CRAZY JACK 1x250ml
    4370 *CRG Maple/Agave Syrup Squeezy COUNTRYRANGE 1x620g
    37482 Glucose Syrup   1x1kg
    3727 Malt Extract RAYNERS 1x340g
    3728 Molasses Natural Cane MERIDIAN 1x740g
    24950 Pomegranate Molasses CORTAS 1x300ml
    79313 Pure Maple Syrup Medium   1x1.25kg
    4418 Tate & Lyle Black Treacle TATE & LYLE 1x7.26kg
    4572 Tate & Lyle Black Treacle TATE & LYLE 1x454g
    31225 Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup TATE & LYLE 1x750ml
    28937 Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Maple Flavour TATE & LYLE 1x454g
    4417 Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Poly TATE & LYLE 1x7.26kg
    19126 Trimoline (Caulett)   1x7kg
    Food Colourings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50000 Food Colouring Green BLENDS 1x500ml
    78157 Food Colouring Red BLENDS 1x500ml
    72593 Food Colouring Yellow BLENDS 1x500ml
    Confectionery Glazes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    61403 Apricot Glaze   1x7kg
    52908 Neutral Mirror Glaze PURATOS 1x5kg
    Mixes and Batters
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9652 *CRG Carrot Cake Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    5705 *CRG Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    5986 *CRG Crumble Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    7546 *CRG Pizza Base Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    70665 *CRG Plain Muffin Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    7395 *CRG Scone Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    5792 *CRG Shortcrust Pastry Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    6820 *CRG Sponge & Pudding Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    9265 *CRG Suet Pastry Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.5kg
    43366 Macphie Pancake Mix MACPHIE 1x12.5kg
    51850 McDougalls Chocolate Sponge Mix MCDOUGALLS 1x3.5kg
    4317 McDougalls Fish Batter Mix MCDOUGALLS 1x3.5kg
    28381 McDougalls Meri-White Icing Mix MCDOUGALLS 1x1.5kg
    24911 McDougalls Plain Sponge Mix MCDOUGALLS 1x3.5kg
    Pastry - Chilled
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4908 French Butter Puff Pastry   2x3kg
    2062 Pastry Roll Butter Puff   1x4.2kg
    6787 Pastry Roll Short Crust   1x4.2kg
    2169 Pastry Sheets Feuilles de Brick   1x10sht
    Tart Cases - Ambient
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9698 Pidy Coloured Mini Cones PIDY 1x96
    52219 Pidy Gluten Free Tartelettes 5cm PIDY 1x70
    37652 Pidy Gluten Free Tartelettes 8.5cm PIDY 1x27
    5205 Pidy Mini Cup Sucre-All Butter Tart PIDY 1x480
    7803 Pidy Mini Neutral Tartelette 4.5cm PIDY 180x45mm
    9934 Pidy Mini Sables (Sweet) Assortment PIDY 1x152
    7132 Pidy Mini Sweet Tartlette 4.5cm PIDY 180x45mm
    64692 Pidy Mini Trendy Neutral Assortment PIDY 1x96
    45325 Pidy Quiche Feuill Wholemeal 22cm PIDY 6x22cm
    4705 Pidy Sablee (Sweet) Tartlette 8.5cm PIDY 135x85mm
    3452 Pidy Savoury Quiche Cases 11cm PIDY 42x11cm
    4704 Pidy Savoury Quiche Cases 8.5cm PIDY 144x85mm
    7916 Pidy Sweet Tartlette 28cm PIDY 10x28cm
    76316 Pidy Tartelette Feuilletee 7cm PIDY 1x90
    3453 Pidy Tartelette Sablee (Sweet) 11cm PIDY 72x11cm
    42392 Pidy Vol Au Vent with Lid PIDY 1x48
    2067 Ragout Shells - Cocktail Cups   1x64
    71785 Savoury Straight Tart 6.5cm   1x180
    5143 Tart Cases Sweet 6.5cm CEPALOR 180x65mm
    Dessert Biscuits
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2101 Amaretti Biscuits   1x500g
    7806 Askey Brandy Snap Baskets ASKEYS 15x6
    1041 Askey Cafe Curls (chocolate Coating inside) ASKEYS 1x320
    1039 Askey Fan Wafers ASKEYS 1x205
    61269 Askeys Sugar Curls ASKEYS 28x10
    1271 *CRG Cheesecake Crumb Base Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.12kg
    43191 *CRG Cheesecake Filling Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.04kg
    43772 Marcantonio Sugar Curls MARCANTONIO 1x280
    9916 Meringue (Broken pieces) WESTMERINGUE 1x1kg
    75334 Meringue Nests (Plain) BUSCH 100x12.5
    8079 Paillete Feuilletine CACAO BARRY 1x2.5kg
    76078 Sponge Fingers BONOMI 1x500g
    Savoury Biscuits
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6516 *CRG Biscuits for Cheese Selection COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    1140 Carrs Water Biscuits CARRS 1x125g
    32447 Fudges Cheese Biscuit Caterpack FUDGES 1x1.6kg
    28434 Jacobs Cracker Mini Packs JACOBS 1x168
    4815 Jacobs Cream Crackers JACOBS 12x300g
    8479 Paterson Rough Oatcakes PATERSON 8x250g
    Fruit - Puree (Ambient)
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    35548 Chestnut Puree Pouch Ambient MERCHANTGOUR 1x200g
    42116 Lychee Fruit Puree Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    3397 Mango Fruit Puree Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    32843 Passion Fruit Puree Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1kg
    6372 Raspberry Fruit Puree Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    17366 Strawberry Fruit Puree Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    Frozen Desserts
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13728 Billionaires Bar Gluten Free and Vegan Sidoli SIDOLI 1x20pp
    64021 *CRG Cake Mini Assortment COUNTRYRANGE 1x40
    57840 *CRG Cake Round Carrot Gluten Free COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    9247 *CRG Cake Round Coffee & Walnut 10" COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    22738 *CRG Cake Round Handmade Lemon Buttercream Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    8718 *CRG Cake Round Victoria Sandwich Hand Made 10" COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    56406 *CRG Charlotte Strawberry & Prosecco COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    6179 *CRG Cheesecake Large Baked New York Style COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    73219 *CRG Cheesecake Salted Caramel COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    77193 *CRG Cheesecake Triple Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    48250 *CRG Cheesecake White Chocolate and Raspberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    71158 *CRG Fudge Cake Alabama Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    47184 *CRG Fudge Cake Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    36701 *CRG Fudge Cake Triple Layer Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12ptn
    78341 *CRG Gateau Chocolate & Orange Bar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    35440 *CRG Gluten Free Mango And Coconut Dessert COUNTRYRANGE 1x24pp
    22066 *CRG Kir Royale Cheesecake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    38872 *CRG Knickerbocker Glory Gateau COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    66884 *CRG Mint Chocolate Shard Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    39480 *CRG Mousse Cake Chocolate & Cherry COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    31565 *CRG Mousse Stack Chocolate Orange Sidoli COUNTRYRANGE 1x36pp
    6136 *CRG Pie Apple Caramel COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    58436 *CRG Pie Apple Deep Dish 10" COUNTRYRANGE 1x12ptn
    9040 *CRG Pie Lemon Meringue COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    64421 *CRG Salted Caramel Cream Bar Gateau COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    5763 *CRG Sponge Puddings Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    79621 *CRG Sponge Puddings Gooey Belgian Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    34020 *CRG Sponge Puddings Individual Bread & Butter COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    5479 *CRG Sponge Puddings Spotted Dick COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    2452 *CRG Sponge Puddings Sticky Toffee COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    8912 *CRG Sponge Puddings Strawberry Jam COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    9730 *CRG Sponge Puddings Syrup COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    48563 *CRG Sponge Puddings Ultimate Sticky Toffee Gluten Free COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    22400 *CRG Tart Baked Belgian Chocolate Espresso COUNTRYRANGE 1x14
    10658 *CRG Tart Bakewell COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    60694 *CRG Tiramisu Premium COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    19108 Cake Round Blueberry Burst Cake Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    71699 Cake Round Ginger Cake Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    71051 Cake Round Gluten Free Victoria Sponge 9" HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    63214 Cake Round Handmade Earl Grey Lemon Drizzle Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    63755 Cake Round Naughty Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    30999 Cake Round Sticky Chocolate & Orange Cake Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    45296 Cake Round Vegan Harvest Gateau Sidoli SIDOLI 14pp
    5871 Cake Round Victorian Style Fruit Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    18244 Cheesecake Mini Selection Prestige PRESTIGE 1x48
    25916 Cheesecake New York Style Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    4911 Cheesecake Strawberry & White Chocolate Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    58333 Cheesecake Strawberry Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    56595 Cheesecake Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    27105 Cheesecake Vanilla Cookie Crust Sidoli SIDOLI 1x16pp
    75047 Custard Slice WRIGHTS 24x170g
    54496 Fudge Cake Belgian Choc/ Vegan HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    12765 Fudge Cake Chocolate Brownie Slice Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    9937 Fudge Cake Mega Fabulous 3 Layer Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    59960 Gateau Black Forest MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    63084 Gateau Strawberry MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    30566 Iced Fruit Cake Slice   1x18
    70921 Puddings Lemon Sponge Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12
    6306 Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12
    56555 Roulade Black Forest MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    58275 Roulade Lemon MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    12044 Roulade Raspberry & White Choc MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    58548 Salted Caramel & Nut Slice HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    41871 Tart au Chocolate Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    9568 Tart au Citron Indvidual DELICE DE FR 24x110g
    46906 Tart au Citron Large Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    10950 Tartlet Mini Variety Prestige PRESTIGE 1x48
    22416 Traybake Amaretti & Pistachio Tiffin HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    46596 Traybake Black Cherry & Almond Slice HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    53154 Traybake Blackcurrant Crumble Vegan Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    75655 Traybake Caramel Shortcake Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    61428 Traybake Caramel Shortcake HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    41834 Traybake Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    56759 Traybake Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free Sidoli SIDOLI 1x18pp
    39285 Traybake Chocolate Fruit & Nut Slice HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    79325 Traybake Granola Slice Dessert HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    26818 Traybake Honeycomb Tiffin HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    46305 Traybake Lemon Drizzle Slice Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    73916 Traybake Millionaires Caramel Shortbread Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    72364 Traybake Pecan & Walnut Slice Gluten Free HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    26886 Traybake Squidgy Lemon Sidoli SIDOLI 1x15pp
    69606 Traybake White Chocolate & Raspberry Slice Sidoli SIDOLI 1x18pp
    69559 Traycake Carrot Sidoli SIDOLI 1x15pp
    38337 Yule Log Chocolate MINISTRY 2x12ptn
    60321 Zucchini & Lime Cake HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    Chocolates After Dinner
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8292 *CRG Chocolate Mint Cremes COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9241 *CRG Chocolate Mint Crisps COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2090 Flaked Truffles Dark Chocolate   1x1kg
    2092 Flaked Truffles Milk Chocolate   1x1kg
    2095 Flaked Truffles White Chocolate   1000g
    7235 Personal Mint Chocolates WHITAKERS 1x10x2kg
    Sugar Portions
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6900 *CRG Brown Sugar Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    6924 *CRG Sachets Brown Sugar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    6743 *CRG Sachets White Sugar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    8247 *CRG White Sugar Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x1000
    57636 Canderel Granular Stevia Green Sticks CANDEREL 1x1000
    1061 La Perruche Brown Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    1062 La Perruche White Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    9958 Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar Sticks TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    52550 Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    3358 Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    3359 Tate & Lyle Fairtrade White Sugar Stick TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    57264 Tate & Lyle White Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    8817 Tate & Lyle White Sugar Sticks TATE & LYLE 1x1000
    57411 Zucro Sachets ZUCRO 1x1000
    Bread & Patisserie
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7788 Pidy Mini Choux Profiteroles PIDY 1x75
    2059 Sponge Sheet Chocolate STMICHEL 1x14
    53621 Sponge Sheet Chocolate 5mm   1x12
    24599 Taco Shells Old el Paso OLD EL PASO 10x260g
    41650 Tortilla Wraps Spinach 12" Casa Serrano CASA SERRANO 1x108
    Cookies, Muffins & Bars
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9310 Muffins Mixed BAKER BOYS 1x20
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