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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    64550 Alpro Oat Milk For Professionals ALPRO 1x1lt
    43742 Milk Almond Alpro ALPRO 8x1lt
    54322 Milk Soya Sweetened Alpro ALPRO 1x1lt
    4218 Milk Soya Unsweetened SOLEIL 1x1lt
    78981 Silken Tofu MORINAGA 1x349g
    44642 Silken Tofu Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x349g
    6946 Soya Desserts Caramel(pot ALPRO 6x4x125g
    67718 Soya Desserts Smooth Chocolate ALPRO 24x125g
    9243 Soya Desserts Vanilla (pots) ALPRO 24x125g
    Frozen Plant Based
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27175 Burgers Vegan Plant Based Italiano Plantlife PLANTLIFE 24x100g
    74501 Burgers Vegan Plant Based Punjabi Plantlife PLANTLIFE 24x100g
    10194 Burgers Vegetable IQF KATERVEG 36x90g
    22789 *CRG Pasty Vegan COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    40429 *CRG Sausage Roll Vegan 6" COUNTRYRANGE 1x66
    12346 Falafel Spinach Burgers 1/4lb Daloon DALOON 24x113g
    25068 Moving Mountains Burger MOVINGMOUNTA 1x20
    55473 Penang Curry Gluten Free and Vegan   15x300g
    37218 Quorn Mince QUORN 1x1kg
    19302 Quorn Pieces QUORN 1x1kg
    58188 Sausages Meat Free Linda McCartney LINDA MCCART 1x2kg
    77285 Sausages Veg Chorizo & Red Pepper Linda McCartney LINDA MCCART 12x270g
    Oriental Foods
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2794 Bamboo Shoots Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x560g
    2796 Bean Sprouts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x410g
    7184 *CRG Coconut Milk COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    2103 *CRG Panko Japanese Breadcrumbs COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    23790 *CRG Poppadums COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    3526 Coconut Creamed Block Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x200g
    2799 Coconut Milk 17% Fat Content TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    64879 Coconut Milk For Professionals Alpro ALPRO 1x1lt
    7713 Coconut Oil BIONA 6x200g
    29810 Gluten Free Large Crumb   1x10kg
    64622 Lychees In Syrup LAMTHONG 1x565g
    2102 Panko Premium Breadcrumbs   1x10kg
    1056 Pappadums Mini Mixed Knorr KNORR 1x1kg
    13151 Prawn Crackers YELLOWRIVER 1x227g
    27350 Seaweed Nori BIHAI 1x28g
    4652 Tamarind Paste   1x400g
    4725 Tempura Batter   1x1kg
    71838 Wasabi Paste Tube 45g Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x45g
    2807 Water Chestnuts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x567g
    39993 Yutaka Sushi Ginger BLUERIVER 1x190g
    Gluten Free Flours
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3937 Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour DOVES 1x1kg
    3936 Doves Gluten Free White Bread Flour DOVES 1x1kg
    6934 Doves Self Raising Flour Gluten Free DOVES 1x1kg
    Cheese - Vegan
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    23529 Vegan Grated Pizza Topping   1x200g
    57141 Vegan Sliced Cheese KOLIOS 1x200g
    30076 Vegan White Style Cheddar   1x200g
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