1: *BBQ is the most popular flavour on pub and restaurant menus.

2: *Chicken is the meat used in over 50% of BBQ dishes.

3: BBQ techniques are changing. Cooking methods such as “charring, burning” and “smoking”, continue to grow in popularity.
(Paul Dickson).

4: Did you know rapeseed oil has a much higher burn point than olive oil? It is also a great base for salad dressings.
(Richard Holden BBQ guru).

5: When chorizo is enriched with smoked paprika , it naturally lends itself to the flavours of a summer BBQ.
(James Robinson Product trainer, Brindisa)

6: Blue Stilton is perfectly suited to the BBQ. Grill it to go inside a burger, crumble into a dipping sauce for spicy wings or a steak.
(Billy Kagan, Dairy Manager Colston Basset).

7: Looking for a vegan alternative for pulled pork? Try jackfruit with slow-cooked onions.

8: Over 2 in 3 consumers still prefer traditional sauces, such as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ. (Survey by Mizkan).

9: Add an interesting selection of side dishes to your barbecue offering. Try Lamb Weston’s Connoisseur fries or CrissCut fries topped with cheese, bacon or guacamole.

10: ZHUG is a Middle Eastern hot sauce originating in Yemeni Cuisine. Drizzle over fresh chicken fillets and a summer salad.

*MCA Eating and drinking out market insight.


‘The Gerhard Berger Gourmet Burger’ with Rose Harissa Mayonnaise

  • Choose your burger
  • Grab a bun
  • Create our Development Chef’s Rose Harissa Mayonnaise

Download the full recipe HERE