Who or what inspired you to start The Tomato Stall?

We wanted to showcase the speciality organic and conventional tomato varieties that grow on our Isle of Wight nursery and take them direct to the consumer.


How can we get the most from your tomatoes?

Keep at room temperature and out of the fridge. You can eat them raw and sliced, we like to add a touch of salt and good extra virgin olive oil to finish.

We recommend trying The Isle of Wight Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Puff Pastry Tart. Find all our recipes here.

What makes The Tomato Stall’s products unique?

Being located in the south of the Isle of Wight gives us some of the best sunshine levels in the UK, which helps us to grow some of Britain’s tastiest tomatoes.

We leave our tomatoes to ripen in the sun on the vine and pick them at their peak of flavour. As a result, we can deliver over 40 unique varieties of tomatoes which are the finest quality, bursting with freshness and the fullest of flavours.


How innovative is The Tomato Stall?

Our tomatoes are grown both organically and conventionally. Our growers have defined several of the processes of growing organic tomatoes in the UK and we have adapted a lot of methods into the growing of our conventional crop. To limit the use of pesticides we also control pests by introducing natural predators, as well as a team of UK bumblebees who aid the pollination of all our plants. We also carry the LEAF mark, which works with farms to ensure that food is grown sustainably with care for the environment.

In terms of product development we are always looking for new tomato varieties. Each year up to 200 varieties of tomatoes are trialled to find the next best thing, these varieties are then rigorously taste tested to ensure the best possible flavour. Our latest product is the oak smoked tomato balsamic and we are the only producers of our famous sunshine juice.

The Tomato Stall’s mission is to continually find more ways to enhance and enjoy Isle of Wight tomatoes.

Why do you think we should buy British produce?

There are so many reasons to buy British! Firstly, it supports the economy and continues to offer local jobs. Reducing food miles is also very important for the environment. Eating seasonal fresh foods is also incredibly beneficial for you.


What do you enjoy about working with Harvest Fine Foods?

Harvest Fine Foods have a passionate, hardworking team who really believe in the products and suppliers they work with. This energy and drive makes for a great working relationship.


How are you celebrating British produce during British Food Fortnight?

Include British food sourced from local suppliers on your menu.

To view all our produce from British suppliers, click to our local producers page here.


Love British Food

To learn more about British Food Fortnight visit: www.lovebritishfood.co.uk

Or follow the conversation on Twitter by searching for the hashtag: #BritishFoodFortnight


Also view the 10 health benefits of eating tomatoes

  1. Containing a high level of lycopene tomatoes can be used as a facial cleanser.
  2. A cancer prevention when cooked up into a warming tomato soup.
  3. By containing a large amount of calcium and vitamin K tomatoes can help maintain strong bones.
  4. Can help reduce the amount of damage done to your body after smoking.
  5. When eaten raw, tomatoes are full of essential antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin C, which neutralise harmful free radicals in the blood.
  6. Eating tomatoes reduces cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure which keeps your heart heathy.
  7. Also good for keeping your hair, skin, bones and teeth strong and shiny.
  8. Reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  9. Prevents the development of night blindness.
  10. Chromium is a valuable mineral found in tomatoes which helps diabetics keep blood sugar levels under control.