Who or what inspired you to start the Cold Pressed Oil Company?

Having studied engineering at university, I wanted to be able to create/develop things.

I first came in contact with Rapeseed oil out in Australia (where it is called CANOLA) and I saw the possibilities that this product brings. It isn’t just a great tasting oil, but it can be used to make so many different products.

I have always had a love of the countryside and so the idea of sitting in an office in the city, really didn’t appeal to me. I therefore approached a friend who owned a farm near to where I live and spoke to him about the possibilities of starting up a cold pressing unit on the farm.

The idea was that I could use the seed that is harvested on the farm to produce the oil and with our position geographically, it was a perfect spot for distribution around Hampshire and Surrey.

Since then it has been all go. Every bottle that comes off the line has been hand bottled, labelled and capped. It really keeps the personal touch to the product.

How can we get the most out of the products from the Cold Pressed Oil Company?

We attend a number of events each year and visit some amazing restaurants and pubs. We are always fascinated at the sheer variety of uses that people come up with for our products. There is no real right or wrong way to use our oil and products, but the most important thing for us is that everyone enjoys them. You can also find all our cold pressed oil recipes here.


What makes your Cold Pressed Oil unique?

We use a the traditional method of Cold Pressing, which enables us to extract the oil from the seed. This gives us a unique nutty flavoured oil, that is deliciously smooth and full of natural goodness.


What new initiatives or innovative ways are you using to produce your products today?

We press the seeds in a converted barn, which is surround by the fields where the seeds are grown. Doing this ensures that our food miles are kept to a minimum. Also, nothing is added or taken away from  the natural oil, it is left additive free and is delicious.


Why should we buy British produce?

I am incredibly proud to be a British producer and especially to be based in Hampshire.

There is so much variety of amazing produce produced locally to us, that we really don’t need to import foods from abroad. We as a country produce some of the best oils, cheeses, wines and meats that we should be really proud of and use in our daily cooking. I am always delighted to work with chefs who share the same passion that I do for local British foods.


What do you enjoy about working with Harvest Fine Foods?

I started working with Harvest Fine Foods from an early stage. We were a very small producer just finding our feet in the market, but this didn’t deter them from taking us on. It was great for us to build with them over the last few years to the company that we are today. Harvests orders have grown over the years in the same way we as a company have grown. They have been able to increase our product reach far beyond the area that we could cover on our own and with the service that we want our customers to experience.


The latest product from The Cold Pressed Oil Company is Classic Mayonnaise

However, this isn’t your generic mayonnaise…It’s a beautifully creamy mayonnaise, with a sweeter, piccalilli flavour, nutty bite and satin finish. Not just for chips, works well with a burger, crayfish or avocado. Contact us for a sample here.

How are you celebrating British produce during British Food Fortnight?

Include British food sourced from local suppliers on your menu! To view all our produce from British suppliers, click to our local producers page here.


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