Chocolate Brazil Nut Petit Four

Praline 175g
43g sugar 131g brazil nuts, salt if required optional)
Milk chocolate 40% 185g melted
Gelatine leaves 6g
Creme anglaise 340g
Cream  340g

  1. In a blender place 43g sugar, roasted brazil nuts and salt, set on medium speed and blend until a smooth paste for around 20mins, scrap the mix from sides every 5mins.
  2. Place gelatine in cold water.
  3. Make a creme anglaise sauce and while hot, drain gelatin and place in sauce, stir until melted.
  4. Pour warm sauce mix over nut praline and mix until all is incorporated into a smooth consistency.
  5. Base mix should be around 35c, if not heat slightly if too warm allow to cool, fold into melted chocolate to create a smooth base.
  6. Whip cream to a soft peak, add 1/3 of cream to mix using a whisk stir until it’s all incorporated.
  7. Add another 1/3 of the cream to the mix, mix carefully to trap the air within the cream in the mix.
  8. Add the last of the cream,  carefully stirring, use a spoon or spatula,.
  9. Pour mix into ring or pipe into moulds and set in fridge