Harvest Fine Foods is proud to be supplying canned and bottle water to customers across the south, which not only comes in containers that are environmentally-friendly but supports charity as well.

Life Water is the first UK company to produce a zero-plastic solution, where pure, natural spring water is sold in 100% recyclable tin cans and enjoyed by people on the go, with the aim to alleviate the world water crisis.

A conscious company, with a mission to make a difference wherever they can, Life Water collaborate with charity partner drop4drop.org, to help fund clean water projects across the globe, when each Life Water can is sold.



Steve Whitwam, Harvest Fine Foods Sales Director says:

“We are delighted to work with Life Water due to our shared vision and commitment to doing the right thing.  Supplying our customers with both an ethical and environmentally friendly solution that aims to alleviate the world water crisis is just one example. At Harvest Fine Foods we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and have just launched a range of  biodegradable and compostable products to reduce our carbon footprint, called: Eco- ssential.”


The Drop4Drop clean water projects have taken place across villages in India and Uganda. Providing these people with a source of clean water ensures there is a reduction in water-borne diseases. Building water pumps closer to homes means these people can spend more time focusing on themselves and less time walking to a water pump located many kilometres away.


Here is a quote from a child who lives in KABUYE B1, MPIGI DISTRICT, UGANDA:

“I consider myself blessed! My brothers and I are privileged to have a safe water source just 5 minutes away from my home! We now have plenty of time to study and never miss classes. We no longer worry about water-borne diseases and eye diseases. I believe that my academic performance is going to improve because I now have time to concentrate on my studies. Thank you to the sponsors of this project! Thank you to drop4drop!”

— Nakamya Justine, 13 years


The benefits of buying water from Life Water:

● 1 bottle delivers 1000 litres of clean water to a village with a new water pump
● The lid and label can both be recycled
● The 500ml plastic bottle is the lightest bottle on the market at 9.5g
● Buying 200 bottles of water will provide 1 person with clean water for life, from a pump.
● 100% recyclable cans
● Every penny goes back to the charity: Drop4Drop
● So far they have helped over 900,00 0 people by building 600 wells.


To learn more about how we are reducing our environmental impact and supporting charities, by visiting our Corporate and Social Responsibility web page here or following us on Facebook. 

Or contact us to ask for a sample box of a bottle or tin can.