Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility for Harvest Fine Foods encompasses our commitment to the environment, community and employees as well as the commercial impact of conducting our business. Harvest Fine Foods Ltd is committed to the sourcing of local suppliers to assist in reducing food miles and gaining their own environmental statements and policies. We adopt a responsible attitude to procurement based around ethical and sustainable production with a bias towards local producers whenever possible. Whilst we aim to be competitive, we are keen to ensure that our partners are treated fairly. We recycle whenever appropriate and ensure levels of waste are minimised and waste created is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and we promote environmental awareness across the company. We maximise energy efficiency by ensuring vehicles are fully maintained, routed to reduce mileage and driven carefully to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In the community, Harvest Fine Foods is actively involved in supporting local charities and organisations such as Hampshire Fare as well as schools, colleges and hospitals to promote food. We are proud to sponsor the Inter College Challenge Competition. We are constantly striving to provide a healthy and supportive working environment for our staff, to create a culture of learning and personal fulfilment and to work together to make a difference as a team. Great relationships are a core value at Harvest Fine Foods and we aim to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect with all of our business partners.

Our Eco-ssential Range

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and have launched a range of  biodegradable and compostable products that will reduce your carbon footprint. They include straws, cutlery, plates and take away containers.

  • Each piece of cutlery is smooth, odourless and taste-free. It is made from sustainably sourced Birchwood, which is a hardwood that does not split or splinter easily.
  • Our super rigid plates are more energy efficient to produce, in comparison to pulping wood for paper, or manufacturing polystyrene from oil. They are also freezer and microwave safe.
  • The straws are produced with environmentally friendly paper and manufactured from high quality craft paper in an assortment of colours.

All our Milk is 100% Red Tractor Assured British Milkred-tractor-logo

Our milk comes from a trusted network of world class dairy farmers from the West Country ensuring best practices by farmers and fair prices to farmers

We supply Free Range Eggs and Duck Eggs as well!

We sell Wiltshire Free Range Eggs which are 100% Lion marked British Eggs and sourced locally as part of our quest to support local growers and producers