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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    46636 Coriander Whole Seeds PET COUNTRYRANGE 1x300g
    1754 Curry Leaves   1x500g
    59223 Dehydrated Sliced Onions COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    4967 Dried Basil COUNTRYRANGE 1x200g
    20304 Dried Bay Leaves COUNTRYRANGE 1x30g
    18109 Dried Chives KERALA 1x65g
    55794 Dried Dill KERALA 1x150g
    69512 Dried Mint COUNTRYRANGE 1x180g
    41547 Dried Parsley COUNTRYRANGE 1x120g
    9003 Dried Tarragon COUNTRYRANGE 1x80g
    31310 Dried Thyme COUNTRYRANGE 1x220g
    8134 Kibbled Onions KERALA 1x400g
    Spices - Whole
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    25121 Black Mustard Seeds KERALA 1x680g
    7477 Cinnamon Sticks 6"   1x200g
    6805 Juniper Berries COUNTRYRANGE 1x300g
    51722 Lavender Flowers   1x75g
    8722 Liquorice Root   1x100g
    58917 Onion Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    7963 Paprika Sweet BELAZU 1x70g
    4701 Saffron Strands ALTAJ 1x2g
    19956 Spent Vanilla Seeds 1kg   1x1kg
    1888 Vanilla Pods   1x1kg
    1889 Vanilla Pods Large HARVEST 1x10
    9111 White Mustard Seed KERALA 1x750g
    38477 Whole Cumin Seeds COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    Spices - Ground
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67469 Arrowroot Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x510g
    34871 Blackened Cajun Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x530g
    31569 Chilli Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x460g
    14488 Chinese Five Spice COUNTRYRANGE 1x440g
    6981 Cloves Ground   1x370g
    72495 Crushed Chillies (flakes) COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    8391 Garam Masala COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    29674 Garlic Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    73048 Ground All Spice (Pimento) KERALA 1x520g
    23083 Ground Cinnamon COUNTRYRANGE 1x450g
    71703 Ground Cloves KERALA 1x500g
    59680 Ground Coriander COUNTRYRANGE 1x420g
    36468 Ground Fenugreek KERALA 1x470g
    27856 Ground Ginger COUNTRYRANGE 1x420g
    10319 Ground Nutmeg COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    49969 Ground Turmeric COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    38784 Italian Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x260g
    7171 Mustard Powder Colmans COLMANS 1x454g
    59646 Piment D'Espelette Powder PIMENT 1x250g
    7863 Piri Piri Spice   1x400g
    7875 Ras el Hanout Moroccon   1x250g
    6760 Saffron - La Mancha Corked Sealed Jar LA MANCHA 1x1g
    63129 Sweet Paprika COUNTRYRANGE 1x550g
    79144 Tandoori Spice COUNTRYRANGE 1x490g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    53836 Celery Salt COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9513 Coarse Sea Salt SEASUN 1x10kg
    2946 Maldon Sea Salt MALDON 1x250g
    5651 Maldon Sea Salt - Smoked MALDON 1x125g
    53777 Salt Pink   1x500g
    28941 Sea Salt Coarse PE Jar SEASUN 1x1.1kg
    38905 Sea Salt Fine PE Jar SALT CO 1x1.1kg
    7329 Seasun Fine Sea Salt SEASUN 1x10kg
    47285 Sel de Guerande (Coarse) LE PALUDIER 1x1kg
    7754 Table Salt COUNTRYRANGE 1x6kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6199 Cajun Seasoning 25kg   1x25kg
    57880 Coarse Ground Black Pepper COUNTRYRANGE 1x440g
    26911 Fine Crack Black Pepper PET   1x370g
    42574 Five Peppercorn Mix KERALA 1x400g
    4692 Green Peppercorns in Brine DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    8560 Ground Black Pepper   1x500g
    46850 Ground Black Pepper COUNTRYRANGE 1x525g
    8062 Madagascan Green Peppercorns CENTAUR 1x225g
    9825 Peppercorns Black HARVEST 1x25kg
    9596 Peppercorns Green KERALA 1x300g
    67717 Pink Peppercorns COUNTRYRANGE 1x250g
    4693 Pink Peppercorns in brine DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    Flowers Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6189 Marigold Petals   1x10kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    14217 Almond Drink Sweetened PROVAMEL 12x1lt
    8744 Pure Sunflower Dairy Free Spread PURE 1x500g
    37218 Quorn Mince QUORN 1x1kg
    19302 Quorn Pieces QUORN 1x1kg
    30297 Silken Tofu Firm   1x300g
    6946 Soya Desserts Caramel(pot PROVAMEL 6x4x125g
    67718 Soya Desserts Smooth Chocolate ALPRO 24x125g
    9243 Soya Desserts Vanilla (pots) PROVAMEL 24x125g
    4218 Soya Milk Unsweetened (Red) ALPRO 1x1lt
    Molecular Gastronomy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    79911 Airbag Farina (Flour) SOSA 1x600g
    48730 Airbag Granite (Granules) SOSA 1x750g
    48211 Alginate SOSA 1x500g
    52020 Balsamic Vinegar Pearls BELAZU 1x55g
    28347 Bitter Chocolate Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    51225 Bonito Flakes (Dried Tuna)   1x50g
    6307 Calcium Chloride Clorur Sosa SOSA 1x750g
    29452 Caramel Flavour Arome SOSA 1x50g
    18915 Citric Acid Powder SOSA 1x1kg
    9859 Crisp Film   1x500g
    79011 Crispy Caramel SOSA 1x750g
    32291 Dextrose Powder   1x500g
    43056 Elastic SOSA 1x750g
    9902 Fizzy ingredient TEXTURAS 1x300g
    63837 Fruit Powder Strawberry SOSA 1x500g
    8672 Gelburgeur SOSA 1x500g
    70286 Gelcrem Cold SOSA 1x500g
    32092 Gelespessa Xantana SOSA 1x500g
    8331 Gellan Gum   1x500g
    26974 Gluconolactat SOSA 1x500g
    54621 Gluconolactat SOSA 1x750g
    47726 Glucose Powder SOSA 1x600g
    76281 Grill Powder Aroma SOSA 1x400g
    5406 Ice Cream Stabiliser ProCrema 100 Cold SOSA 1x3kg
    72691 Instangel (animal gelatine) SOSA 1x500g
    21307 Isomalt "F" Refined   1x1kg
    44896 Lavender Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    14410 Lemon Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    39611 Lemon Balm Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    56674 Lemon Verbana Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    11329 Maltodextrin SOSA 1x600g
    77159 Maltosec SOSA 1x500g
    77076 Mandarin Salt SOSA 1x50g
    75622 Mango Crispy SOSA 1x250g
    18320 Passion Fruit Crispy SOSA 1x200g
    71367 Powdered Egg White (Albumina) SOSA 1x500g
    71120 Powdered Smoke Flavouring SOSA 1x500g
    22992 Powdered Soy Lecithin SOSA 1x500g
    52808 Pro Pannacotta   1x800g
    8806 Proespuma Cold SOSA 1x700g
    16767 Proespuma Hot SOSA 1x500g
    21739 Promousse SOSA 1x3kg
    60737 Salt Quick Cure   1x1kg
    8167 Sodium Alginate Alginat SOSA 1x750g
    78276 Strawberry Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    16984 Strawberry Crispy 2-10mm SOSA 1x200g
    9376 Strawberry Cubes LYO FRESA 1x70g
    69693 Sucre de Llima (Sugar Lime) SOSA 1x500g
    57071 Sweet Orange Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    30299 Ultratex 3   1x400g
    12849 Vanilla Compound SOSA 1x?
    60654 Vanilla Extract Aroma SOSA 1x?
    7135 Vegetable Setting Powder SOSA 1x500g
    38691 Vinegar Powder 72g   1x72g
    62231 White Chocolate Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    33070 Wild Strawberry Aroma SOSA 1x50g
    5434 Xanthan Gum SOSA 1x500g
    68115 Yuzu Paste SOSA 1x1.5kg
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