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    Kelloggs Bag Pack
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2853 All Bran Bag Pak   4x700g
    2855 Bran Flakes Bag Pak   4x500g
    6794 Corn Flakes Bag Pak   8x500g
    69453 Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Bag Pack   4x500g
    2867 Frosties Bag Pak   4x500g
    5967 Fruit & Fibre Bag Pak   4x700g
    50544 Gluten Free Cornflakes   18x30g
    41272 GoFree Choco Crisp Rice   7x460g
    35547 GoFree Cornflakes   7x500g
    13640 GoFree Crisp Rice   6x550g
    74450 GoFree Honey Cornflakes   7x500g
    50078 Harvest Home Bran Flakes   4x500g
    61081 Harvest Home Corn Flakes   4x500g
    21773 Harvest Home Crisp Rice   4x400g
    6154 Rice Krispies Bag Pak   4x400g
    7281 Special K Bag Pak   4x450g
    Kelloggs Bulk Pack
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2856 Bran Flakes Bulk Pak   1x10kg
    2859 Coco Pops Bulk Pak   1x10kg
    2862 Corn Flakes Bulk Pak   1x10kg
    2876 Frosties Bulk Pak   1x10kg
    2871 Rice Krispies Bulk Pak   1x10kg
    Kelloggs Portion Pack
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5074 All Bran Portion Pak   40x45g
    5075 Bran Flakes Portion Pak   40x40g
    5076 Coco Pops Portion Pak   40x35g
    5077 Corn Flakes Portion Pak   40x24g
    5078 Crunchy Nut C'flakes Portion Pak   40x35g
    5079 Frosties Portion Pak   40x35g
    5080 Fruit & Fibre Portion Pak   40x45g
    2870 Mixed Kelloggs Portion Pak   7x5
    5081 Rice Krispies Portion Pak   40x22g
    5082 Special K Portion Pak   40x30g
    Cereals - Other
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73470 Cheerios   8x375g
    5133 Shredded Wheat Cereal   1x20x2pk
    55111 Shreddies   10x415g
    6080 Weetabix Catering A   6x48
    7561 Weetabix Catering B   48x2
    8840 Weetabix Catering C   1x96
    4169 Wheatgerm Organic (No.9 Best Seller   1x500g
    Dorset Cereals
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5096 Berries & Cherries   1x18x85g
    5098 Simply Delicious Fruity Muesli   1x18x85g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78498 Alpen No Added Sugar Port   30x41g
    66287 Alpen Original Portions   30x50g
    56451 Hawaiian Granola   1x500g
    2612 Muesli Base Cereals Only   1x1.5kg
    2613 Muesli Base Cereals Only   1x2.5kg
    40270 Muesli Base Gluten Free   1x1kg
    2618 Muesli base with 35% Fruit & Nut   1x2.5kg
    49575 Orchard Granola   1x500g
    21616 Original RHA Granola   1x500g
    2628 Tropical Muesli   1x2.5kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6603 Oatmeal Medium 1kg   1x1kg
    4140 Oatmeal Pinhead   1x1kg
    1268 Oats Jumbo UK   1x25kg
    1269 Porridge Rolled Oats   1x25kg
    Jams/Marmalade -Catering
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3201 Apricot Jam   1x2.72kg
    1214 Apricot Jam Sieved   1x12.5kg
    53408 Bovril Beef Flavour   1x450g
    65409 Diabetic Apricot Jam   6x430g
    61897 Diabetic Morello Cherry Jam   6x430g
    30988 Diabetic Raspberry Jam   6x430g
    26058 Diabetic Strawberry Jam   6x430g
    17197 Fine Cut Marmalade   1x2.72kg
    5440 Lemon Curd   1x3kg
    2272 Marmalade Medium Cut   1x3kg
    21181 Marmite Jar   6x250g
    3484 Mixed Fruit Jam   1x2.72kg
    27289 No Sugar Added Fine Cut Marmalade   6x430g
    39719 Raspberry Jam   1x2.72kg
    1216 Raspberry Jam Seedless   1x12.5kg
    61453 Strawberry Jam   1x2.72kg
    2262 Strawberry Jam Finest   1x340g
    2273 Strawberry Jam Finest   1x3kg
    2270 Vintage Thick Cut Marmalade   1x340g
    Jams/Marmalade Portions
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    20290 Apricot Jam Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    65027 Assorted Jam Portions   100x20g
    37092 Blackcurrant Jam Portions   72x28g
    51548 Marmalade Portions   100x20g
    1107 Marmite Portions   100x8g
    38743 Morello Cherry Jam Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    61785 Orange Marmalade Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    73767 Raspberry Jam Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    71149 Strawberry Jam Portions   100x20g
    29583 Strawberry Jam Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4372 Honey Blossom Clear   1x3.16kg
    7365 Honey Clear   1x340g
    2756 Honey Comb Cut   1x227g
    4374 Honey Easy Squeezy   1x680g
    30783 Honey Easy Squeezy   6x680g
    57931 Honey Portions   100x20g
    32389 Honey Portions Glass Jars   72x28g
    5359 Honey Set   1x340g
    Nut Spreads & Preserves
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    10597 Cashew Butter Smooth 100%   1x1kg
    49729 Nutella Chocolate Spread   1x750g
    5519 Nutella Portions   120x15g
    1359 Peanut Butter Crunchy   1x200g
    29597 Peanut Butter Crunchy 100%   1x1kg
    1360 Peanut Butter Smooth   1x200g
    40698 Peanut Butter Smooth 100%   1x1kg
    37450 Tahini Light   1x1kg
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