Need to make your orders quickly, easily and on time?


Welcome to Coldweb

Catering establishments are beginning to get excited about ordering, via our new online ordering app Coldweb.

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Online Ordering App

The key benefits to you…

  • It is quick
  • Easy to use
  • Order anywhere on any device
  • Update your order throughout the day
  • See our full product range
  • Pin point what allergens are in each product

Want to download Coldweb?

Ask your Account Manager for your account code and password.

  • You can download and install Coldweb on any mobile device, from both Google play or the App Store 
  • Start and add to your order throughout the day, anywhere.
  • Place your order before 10:30 pm, to receive it the next day.

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We look forward to your order, via Coldweb soon.

For more information, download your Coldweb_How To Use Guide, or contact your Account Manager.