Harvest Fine Foods Expertise In Healthcare

Harvest Fine Foods works with small, independent and large healthcare organisations, hospitals care homes and retirement villages across the south coast.

Through working with chefs and buyers within the care sector, we have gained an understanding of the day-to-day challenges care chefs face, such as managing small budgets while aiming to keep the standards of food high, as well as how to cater for people that have a range of new and emerging dietary needs.

We are also empathetic to the challenges care chefs face, when catering for people living with dysphagia, dementia and diabetes and  provide care chefs with a range of solutions, to help them meet the wants and needs of their residents with different dietary requirements. These solutions are shared when we sponsor or host care cook workshops, alongside the Hampshire Care Home Association and our suppliers. At these workshops we give care chefs inspiration to create interesting and nutritious meal ideas, suitable for all their residents.

Some of the products we supply for care chefs include…

For recipe inspiration look up new ideas from Preston Walker or Samantha Rain.

Or download our 12 ways to cater for people with swallowing difficulties infographic

Our suppliers who cater for the healthcare sector

Our suppliers also understand the importance of well-balanced, safe and appetising meals for people in care as well and have created products to make mealtimes an enjoyable experience for all your residents.

From collaborating with our suppliers, their experienced culinary teams and care chefs, together we are happy to offer care chefs with a range of recipes, tips and products. We want to not only provide residents within care with mouth-watering, nutritional meals every week but meals that can be created quickly and easily, while raising the standards of their organisation in the long term.

Find helpful advice by downloading the following brochures from our suppliers: 

To keep up to date about the latest industry news and important information about the care industry, follow the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) on Twitter @NACC.

Your Key Ingredient

View the press release, about the Care Cook Workshops we sponsored and hosted with Hampshire Care Association here.

For more product information and advice about catering for the healthcare sector contact us.